4/16 Update; jbritter3's Yo-yo Design , The Viking Page 3


I’ve played a lot of high ends with different weight distributions, weight, speed, stability and now I think it may be time for me to produce a yo-yo to my preferences. I already helped tropic spins make their first yo-yo and that seemed to be a success to their preferences.

I’m not sure if I want to make this or not, but I guess we will have to wait and see. If enough people tell me they are interested and want a proto then I may just go ahead. I’d probably need at least 5 people to say they’d buy one. My goal isn’t to make a huge profit, it’s to get my design out there, make a yo-yo to my preferences and sell it as cheap as possible. The chances of me doing a full run are slim, I most likely will just make a proto run of around 10, hopefully sold for around $75 to $80 a piece, but that could change. I’ll keep everything updated.

Input is always welcome.

The goal of this yo-yo was to be an extreme H x V with max stability and spin time, a good amount of speed, and somewhat solid, somewhat floaty.

Diameter - 56mm
Width - 44mm
Weight - 66.5 grams (based on CAD weight, took into account what the Capricorn ended up as, so it should be very close)

The first 2 pictures are the first design and the last two are the second design.


I probably won’t buy one, but I think it looks pretty cool. Seems fast but I don’t know if it’s me or what, narrow throws look unstable. There’s my dime for ya


If you need someone else to convince you to make a yoyo then you’re not ready to make a yoyo


It’s about the money. I’m not gonna make a small run if no one supports me.

To the comment before. It’s not narrow. It’s got a lot of rim weight, probably one of the most stable design concepts there is.


Just make it pretty and we will buy.


Honestly, I wouldn’t probably buy it because it’s just too similar to other designs out there. The only exception would be if it had YYR level performance.


This reminds me of the cilivity as well btw


like what?


If it’s wide and packed with rim weight, you could run into vibe issues.

It looks pretty good; for me, it doesn’t have any one feature that sets it apart and makes me go “yeah, I need one”, though. But it’s your yoyo… if it has your dream shape and specs, you should go for it!


that’s a good point thanks! and jw, what are those things? centerweight? midweight?


Meh it reminds me of the chik! Too much it just has that look about it.


eh probably gonna make it anyways, Gonna fit my preferences and like I said My goal isn’t to make money it’s to make a yoyo to my preferences. If anyone wants one tho let me know, if not ill keep the whole proto run to myself, I’m going to tweak the design some and update it and post it here still.


If I have the money to buy one when/if you make it I will totally get one or maybe two. Pretty much hit my exact specs for what I like, and I always love supporting (hopefully) growing businesses!


Thanks dude!


Id buy one, if I have the money at release time.

I found a machine shop that will make me 4 yoyos for $60.
I just need to find a way to design one.

I was just going to have him copy one but I hadn’t found one I really really loved until today when I got a Majesty. Might have to pull the trigger and get some copies made.

I’m not going to sell them just make them to have and use so I don’t ruin the original.


Hey pm me. I’d love to help u with ur design! And I don’t think a copy of it is really a good thing to do but we can tweak it slightly to ur preferences or just make it not a magesty.


updated design, pushed some of the rim weight towards the center to get rid of possible vibe issues, and yeah I think it looks better too, thoughts?


Looks better to me, too.


Narrow throws are more stable.


Beat me to it