What are your Yo-yo preferences?

there used to be a thread like this; i didnt wanna necro.

eaisier to give an example:

Shape: subtle h-wing (skyline shape, pgm, 888)
weight: light, 62-67
type: metals
Style: tech tricks, fast, eli hops type tricks (what im gonna pursue at least lol)
distribtion: rim weighted
bearing: center track, trifecta
size: undersized

EDIT: thanks to drawesome:

string: yye poly
response: cbc yellow pro pads

feel free to add on!

Weight:65-68 grams although i would like to try heavier throws like the yoyoskeel solid
Shape: Double v and a more curved shape like some of the ILYY’s so both ends of the spectrum
Size: Width 40 to 43 mm Diameter 54 to 56 mm
Style: look at Petr Kavka
Response: C3 response or silicone
String: I’ll use anything but my favorite is Twisted E string or Fat kitty string

Not really bound by a shape but I definitely like…

52-55 dia
43-45 width
66 grams or less

Always metal, always a kk bearing, and always yye bulk poly.

Let’s see…

Shape: Step straight (think Protostar) or step curved (think Solenoid)
Size: about 56mm diameter and 42mm width
Weight: mid to heavy (66-70g), distributed mostly to the rims.
Material: metal with pyramatte finish
Style: slow and flowing with big sweeping motions.
Bearing: Centre trac
Response: flowable sili
String: Kitty Poly (normal thickness, neon yellow)


Whatever the Avalanche is.

Shape: h shape (positron, code 2. northstar)
weight: 65-69
type: any metal plastic or delrin
Style: simple but impressive, fast and smooth
distribtion: don’t care
bearing: od tenbal center track
size: 53-57

string: any neon string mostly yye stock and kitty
response: flowable

arent the northstar code 2 and positron v shaped?


Shape: YYR style catch zone with bigger, more organic rims designed to be ergonomic
Size: 53-54 mm dia. Also prefer them relatively wide
Weight: 63-66. I like lighter throws
Material: 7075 Aluminum
Style: Lotsa flashy slack with a little bit of tech
Bearing: 10-Ball
Response: K-Pad
String: Neon yellow YYE Poly

Full sized, around 56mm, anywhere from 39-43 mm wide, gap in the 4+mm region, and V-type shapes. I won’t lie, the Phenom is a favorite, as well as other V-shapes. I also like the KK bearings but I do play lots of other stuff.

Shape: V shape
Weight: 65-67 grams
Size: doesn’t matter, as long as it’s not oversized
Response: Silicone
Bearing: konkave
String: YYE bulk

Shape: Doesnt matter too much to me.
Weight: As long as it plays a little bit on the slow side, I’m happy.
Diameter: 50-53
Style: Slow and smooth
Response: Silicone
Bearing: Whatever came in the yoyo (I’ll occasionally throw in a Center Trac)
String: YYE Bulk

I prefer a V shape. I like having my hand as close to the bearing as possible when I throw it.

Whatever a royale is. Haha

A yoyo… that is just about it.

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plus string! I gotta have string. I mean without string it’s just a cookie cutter :smiley: . mmmm Cookies!

If you get one of those ultra wide yoyos, you could use it to roll out the cookie dough and then cut it.


Genius! Pure Genius! :wink:

I like these threads.
As for me, it’s gotta be 66 gram, no more, no less. 56mm dia, 43 width. And a slightly organic How shape, like the Avalanche or Code 2. Perfection.

V shape, 62-65 grams, around 60-64 mm dia, and 43-47 mm width.