What make a good yoyo?

Hay everyone, just had a question for ya, in your opinion, what makes a good yoyo? rim weight, width, shape,… ???


i don’t want to sound like a butt head, but this is kinda what im trying to figure out, what other people prefer.

Big, heavy yoyos, with H-shapes or rounded shaped is what I like best. But I’m fine with anything really. As long as its a yoyo ad it spins.

See? Now that’s what im talking about! ;D

same like mine…
I like that kind of yoyo also…

But it’s just my preferences, different with others…

and like Paolo said, as long as it spins it’s okay…

The kind of yoyo I can put on the finger of a beginner that came up to me when watching me play and got up the courage to ask if they could try.

Full size, light, round shape, red.

I’m for everything. I like variety in my case.

Flat-ish rims, 67 grams, 53 mm, half orange, half blue.


My yoyo preference would be…
65 to 70 grams, a gap of 3 - 5mm with good rim wight for those long spin times, colour any colour is good, flat open rims for finger grinds and a nice smooth finish for hand and arm grinds, and mainly a rounded shape because its what im used to.

I’m with Samad, variaty is nice. I currently have a Bully and a Skyy Chacer as my metals and they play on opposite ends of the spectrum. The Bully is big and heavy, while the Skyy Chacer is light and agile.