what is your yoyo preference

what is your favorite shape.
favorite size.
metal,plastic or bi-metal.
favorite color
and last whats your favorite yoyo.

H shape, full size, metal rims, black, and legacy :slight_smile:

butterfly(although i also love hshape)
doesnt matter
genesis, protostar, boss, 888

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Favorite shape: H.
Favorite size: Full.
Favorite material: Metal.
Favorite color: Pink.
Favorite yoyo: Primo.


Favorite shape: any with widest catch zone possible. H shape, bell/hourglass, angular.
Favorite size: Full size
Favorite material: Metal
Favorite color: any solid color, acid wash is ok, but i don’t like splash
Favorite yoyo: Genesis, Virus, G5.

Favorite Shape: All of them, mostly slightly rounded.
Favorite Size: Undersized FTW
Favorite Color: Purple
Favorite Material: Plastic/Bi-Metal
Favorite Yoyo: Changes, but as of now it is the Mini Mo-Tu :smiley:

Shape: Rounded, butterflyish
Size: I LOVE undersized yoyos, even for 4a
Material: Plastic, or sometimes metal, depends on the yoyo
Color: All colors
Yoyo: Currently Lyn Fury and my Campfire, also my Freehand 2

Any shape
Full size
Whatever material, as long as it’s a good yoyo :smiley:
Bright colors
My Winter Green Peak

Shape: Butterfly
Material:metal rimmed
Color: Red or Blue
Yoyo: My revolution!!

Wing, standard or larger, Metal or bimetal, blue black silver or splash, and YYJ DM or YYF 888, 44, and speed dial

Shape: H
Size: Undersized
Material: Metal
Color: Combinations. Preferably Green and Orange.
Favorite Yo-Yo: Y-Factor!!!

My yoyo preference is anything that General-Yo releases.

Okay… real preferences…

Shape: Roundish-ish-ishish
Size: Undersized
Material: 6061 Aluminum
Color: Not Girlish colors
Favorite yoyo: General-Yo Yoyos.

Haha, mines simple: :smiley:
Big n’ floaty!

Shape: any
Size: That big joke thing that was a fail… (full-sized) :slight_smile:
Material: any
Color: any

My favorite throw is the peak.

Shape: V-shaped, slight H-shapes, but nothing like the NVX
Size: Slightly undersized
Material: Plastic for now
Color: Blue/Silver

The Protostar doesn’t exactly fit those preferences but it’s the best throw I own right now so…

Shape: I like most shapes except DM, DV888,Project shape. Here are mine from the one I most like to the one I less like: round butterfly,speed/angular,H.

Diameter:54-52(medium sized)

Color: Red, white, green, blue.

Material: any, as long as it isn´t crappy plastic that imperials and butterflies are made with.

In shape and feel it would be a Lyn Fury. But if there was a medium sized protostar, with 40mm of width, that had good spacers that would be my favorite yoyo.

Moderately undersized
Prefer rounded organic shapes like Addiction’s and Bassalope’s (would like suggestions of similar)
Aluminum, anodized.
Preferably orange/red and black (though most seem to be blue). Prefer acid wash or marbling. Hate having 2 different colored halves. Also hate pink and any flavor of raw. No fruity top hat’s or cartoon animals on the side.
C-bearing, steel, Konkave, dry. Silicone response - prefer sticker convenience to flowable.
Prefer throws that can be fast <-> floaty in the same trick, depending on how you handle them.
Also prefer throws that are already damaged and that I don’t have to baby and worry about them getting scuffed up.

shape: gnarwhal
everything else: gnarwhal

Anything from YYR will do. No special preferences.

Shape: H-Shape and Curvy…
Size: Full
Color: Anything that looks great…
Material: Metal…
Favourite yoyo: Severe and 2010 Severe… Also love Genesis…

favorite shape:butterfly shape mostly for 1a 5a. and round shape for looping 2a. so mostly butterfly shape
favorite size: undersized, normal size
favorite material: metal, plastic
favorite color: mostly all of them
favorite yoyo: protostar mostly, DNA, frantic, loop 720