what are your preferances on a yoyo? size, shape, weight,material, finish, ect.
mine are :

50-54mm diameter
weight doesnt matter as long as its floaty
shape, h or anything that feels good in your hand

now list some of yours

(yoyo jake) #2

hshape or rounded butterfly
metal of corse
hatrick and genesis are my favs and my fav plastic is the protostar


I like throws of all sizes but 50-52mm I like most.
I dont like yoyos that are really light or a rock on the string.
I like most shapes as long as they feel comftable and I can catch them easily.

(laxdude99) #4

I like over sized h shape or round and kinda heavy


cmon guys listem

(Mi) #6

Weight 60~65 Grams
Width 37~42mm
Dia 55~mm
Gap 3~4.5mm

Shape: Rounded Butterfly
Material: Full Celcon/Bimetal
Response: Hybrid with Flush Silicone and Sanded SB or Dual Silicone


I don’t have any. If it plays good then I’ll play with it.

(Q) #8

The shape doesn’t affect me at all.

Weight, not so much.

I’m with Icky


full sized

(Mi) #10

Your name is Mr 888 and you prefer full sized yoyos? >.>



i dont really care full or under, i just like the feeling of power a full sized gives me…

(BaileyT) #12

I like all yoyos, good ones are awesome and bad ones make you better

(LookAYoYo) #13

i am using this



(JosephP) #15

my G5 is preference


Prefer 67 grams or lighter and the Severe shape. Something like that. :wink:


my preference is that MORE PEOPLE COMMENT


Anything in the heavy spectrum. Like around 67-70 is great. I actually love hybrid response, starburst and silicone instead of an o-ring. Shape, anything goes. I like rounded shapes a little more. Materials, any kind of plastic and bi-metal. :slight_smile:


so far the only shape I don’t like is the kickside the Inner walls were way too big. Other than that It doesnt matter. Shape, size, weight its all the same if its a good throw.

(Mi) #20