what are your preferances on a yoyo? size, shape, weight,material, finish, ect.
mine are :

50-54mm diameter
weight doesnt matter as long as its floaty
shape, h or anything that feels good in your hand

now list some of yours

hshape or rounded butterfly
metal of corse
hatrick and genesis are my favs and my fav plastic is the protostar

I like throws of all sizes but 50-52mm I like most.
I dont like yoyos that are really light or a rock on the string.
I like most shapes as long as they feel comftable and I can catch them easily.

I like over sized h shape or round and kinda heavy

cmon guys listem

Weight 60~65 Grams
Width 37~42mm
Dia 55~mm
Gap 3~4.5mm

Shape: Rounded Butterfly
Material: Full Celcon/Bimetal
Response: Hybrid with Flush Silicone and Sanded SB or Dual Silicone

I don’t have any. If it plays good then I’ll play with it.

The shape doesn’t affect me at all.

Weight, not so much.

I’m with Icky

full sized

Your name is Mr 888 and you prefer full sized yoyos? >.>


i dont really care full or under, i just like the feeling of power a full sized gives me…

I like all yoyos, good ones are awesome and bad ones make you better

i am using this


my G5 is preference

Prefer 67 grams or lighter and the Severe shape. Something like that. :wink:

my preference is that MORE PEOPLE COMMENT

Anything in the heavy spectrum. Like around 67-70 is great. I actually love hybrid response, starburst and silicone instead of an o-ring. Shape, anything goes. I like rounded shapes a little more. Materials, any kind of plastic and bi-metal. :slight_smile:

so far the only shape I don’t like is the kickside the Inner walls were way too big. Other than that It doesnt matter. Shape, size, weight its all the same if its a good throw.