Order of Preferences: Weight, Size & Shape


So, I have been thinking about various features of yo-yos, or specs, specifically:

  1. Weight,
  2. Size (diameter/width) and
  3. Shape.

One of those stood out most, when I first started in the hobby, as being a clear preference going forward. I knew right away, that I liked heavier yo-yos best. Then, sometime later, I noticed my preference for a certain size. That has evolved from undersized to average size. Lastly, I zeroed in on a few shape preferences. I love flat rims, but also like a bell shape from time to time too.

I think we talk about color a lot already, so aside from that, in what order did you determine these preferences? Also, which is most important to you? For me, it would be the weight.


For me it goes

  1. Weight
  2. Size
  3. Shape

Weight probably goes first because I don’t like yoyos that feel like a rock on the string I prefer a yoyo in the 64-67g range and then size because I prefer oversized 56-59mm and either 36-40mm wide or 44-46mm wide I don’t really like in between all that much and then shape last because I like trying out all different shapes. In my collection I don’t have 2 throws that are even of similar shape I like to have a wide variety.

Thanks for the thread I was just thinking about this earlier today :slight_smile:

  1. Shape
  2. Size
  3. Weight

I like my yoyos to look good. H shape and V shaped yoyos get a huge edge.

I like my yoyos between 52 to 58mm in diameter and 42 to 46mm in width.

As long as it looks good and is wide/ tall enough, I don’t really care unless its really heavy; over 70 is my limit.


For me it’s

  1. Shape
  2. Weight
  3. Size

Something else to look at also is the shape/size “ratio.” If there is a 50mm diameter yoyo with a weight of 69 grams, than there is a pretty good chance it will feel solid and heavy on the string.

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Dangit… this is really hard. I don’t think I could order them. For me they are all equally important. Because if I don’t like one, I don’t like the whole yoyo.

I’m not huge on ultra complex shapes like the AG2 or Cliff but I can dig anything else, so shape is probably least important to me. I love both organic and angular yoyos equally.

Weight I’m not as concerned about either, as long as it’s within 65-67g… which most yoyos are.

Size is probably what I care most about. I will not purchase any yoyo under 53mm in diameter, and I prefer it be 56mm or pretty freaking close. I’m actually loving the bigger more oversized yoyos lately, so now I think I’m going through a preferences shift to only 56mm diameter and above. Width is also important to me, I won’t purchase a yoyo with a small width, it has to be at least 41mm. I don’t like yoyos with a diameter over 45mm, that’s when it starts getting uncomfortably wide for me.

My preferences:
56mm dia
43mm width
65-67g weight
low wall
ct bearing


I wondered if it happened in the same order for everyone else. In time, I also learned that, sometimes what appeared to be too light for me, was not as bad as I thought. When considering purchases, I try to keep an open mind about the specs these days. But specs usually give me a very good idea what I might be getting.

@YourBBQ, interesting that you are very open to any weight. For the reason above, that is probably a good thing. I’ve been fooled, because what appears in weight that it might play too light, does not always play light. I’ve almost missed out on a few good ones.


Good example, because I loved the MMN. Not that it weighed 69, but was definitely nice and solid.


I know what you mean. I’ve played a few light throws and thought…“I know this is a great yo-yo, but not for me.” So one feature can kind of cancel out a whole throw being a good match.

  1. Size
  2. Shape
  3. Weight

Size is definitely the first thing I consider. I never rule any throws out strictly based on size, but I tend to gravitate towards undersized and mid-sized throws. I’ve noticed that most of my favorite throws fall into the 50mm-53mm category.

Shape… I wouldn’t say I have a preference, but unique shapes can really seal the deal for me. On the other hand, if I feel that the shape of a throw is straight up ugly, I usually don’t bother with it.

As far as weight is concerned, I tend to like lighter more floaty throws, but some days a nice solid yoyo just feels right. Unless its up in the 69g range, I try to not fret over the weight of a yoyo too much, because I’ve found that weight distribution is more important than the weight itself. Some 64 gram throws can feel like bricks, while some 68 gram throws can float around like nobodys business.

Once again, a very fun post TotalArtist. :wink:

  1. Shape
  2. Weight
  3. Size

The shape I enjoy the most is a organic/bell-shape, but to say the truth I don’t really care for size and weight. However if I had to say something, then it would be that I tend to like heavier throws, but I still like some lighter throws from time to time. Still through it all, I guess it is size that doesn’t matter to me at all. :slight_smile:


Totally. But as Wretched said, it all comes down to distribution. I actually like stable and rim weighted yoyos.


^ True, with experience, I’ve learned to view it more from the standpoint of weight distribution and not simply recorded weight. But, weight/weight distribution as a whole is pretty important to me in relation to the others. I also value stability a great deal. I have to, with my throw haha.



This was a tough one, shape and weight are important for yoyo’s, but size beats both.

I will use a small 50mm to a over sized 59mm
The heavier, the better for me. I’m a slow, slack-y player so the heavier yoyos are for me.
Any shape will do. Organic, I am not crazy about, but bell, V, and H I like the best

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  1. Size

I don’t like wide yoyos. I like undersized yoyos that are proportionally wide (~43mm), but I don’t like anything that is over 47mm wide or any yoyo with a diameter of over 61mm.

  1. Weight

I am VERY picky about my weight… not. I won’t throw anything under 55g (sans Pacquiao) or anything over 80g (sans BTH, Buddha King, etc)

  1. Shape

I like any shape. High wall, low wall, V, H, organic, bell, U, undercut, pretty much anything.

  1. Weight: I like them to be at least 66 g.

  2. Shape: anything unorganic, not in a C3 Berserker shape, and not in a plain v.shape

  3. Size: Diameter: Don’t Care, Width: 40-43

I dislike organic throws for some reason

  1. Size: throughout my short and less than illustrious throwing career I have always gravitated towards larger throws. Really this is a function of wanting increased stability to make it through tricks that I’m otherwise too deficient to hit. There are two real exceptions to this and those are Moonwalkers and La Gouttes which are just terrific. The Moonwalker doesn’t sacrifice performance for me, but is incredibly enjoyable. The La Goutte loses a bit in the spin time category, but is an exceptional throw nonetheless.

  2. Weight: at whatever size the throw is, I prefer it to be on the heavier side. I really appreciate 7075 designs because I love the added weight.

  3. Shape: I will try anything. Initially I shied away from high walled throws, again predominantly because I didn’t have the skill to use them, but have since come back to them. The Canvas is an example of a throw I now can’t get enough of.

Really for me it the combination of size and weight that attracts me to a throw. I veer towards things on the larger side of both categories.


I’m still deciding what exactly is important to me in a good yoyo. I have figured out what shape I like best, and I’m getting there with size, so I guess my order is:



I have thrown too many yo-yos for reviews to have a set order. I have talked quite a bit in reviews about having a set weight range and that I like V-Shaped design but I have been absolutely floored by yo-yos that go against my preferences. At this point int he game I will still keep my preferences a little but my hard set rule is as long as it doesn’t rip my finger off I’ll give just about anything a throw.

One thing missing from the preferences list is material used. I know players that gravitate towards metals, some that fawn all over a good wood, and some that will curse your first born if you try to get them to play a plastic. For them the materials used in the creation of the yo-yo trumps anything else.


I just wanted to agree with the above statement about materials. I no longer really think about plastic purchases. I haven’t had the best of experiences - the bearing seat of my DM2 cracked during straight forward bearing removal hindering the string on rotation; a colleague hit the floor with another plastic of mine obliterating it into many components; my protostar was way too vibey - and I’m not someone that normally cares about such things but it was practically inducing white finger, and the pair of PSGs I own are enjoyable but lack spin time and weight. Each single experience is not an issue, and both the DM2 and the protostar play well, but these days for $40 one can find decent metals from which I have not had these problems. However, although I’ve avoided plastics in the recent past I will be postively leaping to pick up a Yeti. I am truly intrigued by this material.