100 plus dollar yo-yo.

I am looking for a yo-yo around 100 dollars. My 3 yo-yos so far are the Duncan Barracuda, Duncan Strix and Yoyofactory Shutter. I prefer a yoyo have a bit of speed and also have the stability for slacks. PS also horizontal. I want my yo-yo middle weight to heavy about 67 to 69 grams,so far there is a couple yo-yos on my radar:
C3yoyodesign: P.Wave
CLYW: Summit or Arctic Circle

Arctic circle. Fast stable. Good at horizontal. Solid.

haven’t played any of them personally, but I’ve heard this before about the arctic. Plus, I wouldn’t go with the YYF, you should branch out company wise :slight_smile: it’s great fun

P.Wave is great, but I preferred the Electric Flash slightly. Although Augie doesn’t himself do horizontal, the Electric Flash would be able to handle it easily. So either of those from C3 (or the Krown if you want to pay even more!)

I’m sure the Summit is probably fine for horizontal, but it’s definitely not the first yoyo I would reach for in that regard. I also find that there’s something about the size and shape that encourages slower more deliberate play. It’s light enough to go fast, but something about it just doesn’t make me want to push it.

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The Summit is meh in regards to horizontal, due to the mid wall. It is outstanding for fast play, however. I like it, though it is ever so slightly bland.

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I am often wondering why so many people have to spend something at that $100 point mark?

I’m not saying I’m not guilty of it. I spend far above that at times. I spend that kind of money on a yoyo many times. I think some people are either aiming too high, aiming without direction or guidance or just are not sure what to spend.

There’s plenty of amazing suitable yoyos under $100, some even under $50(Shutter). The YYF 2013 SuperStar should be taken very seriously. If we’re talking horizontal in general, the choices are quite large with a price range to match. If the finger spin grinds are important, that narrows the field down because now we have to rule out yoyos lacking specific features to assist in those tricks.

Werrd tre fits the description well

Well if you read above I have a shutter,but ur right about lack of direction so here it is. Shutter feels great,but for me is not agile enough. Strix is abit too floaty. Barracuda is perfect but I wanted just a little extra speed.

Speed correlates directly to weight, despite what people might have you believe. If the Barracuda feels about perfect, then it’s just a matter of working on fast technique rather than having a faster yoyo.

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Weight distribution is also a factor. Many yoyos a tad bit on the hefty side with a lot of rim weight are quite zippy, like the BvM2.

It’s an illusion. :wink: Weight distribution will affect how it comes to the end of the string on initial throw, and then stability during play. But pure speed… 2 yoyos of the same mass will accelerate through the air at exactly the same speed. Oh, I suppose you could make a case for wind resistance, but the scale of effect is so negligible with yoyoing that I think it’s a non-factor.

Some things affect how we approach a yoyo. A yoyo that is light and ALSO forgives a bit of sloppy play will invite more aggressive “faster” play from us… and it can handle it! A less forgiving yoyo we treat more delicately and it becomes our “flowy” yoyo. Even if the two actually have the same weight. But it’s our approach that’s different, not the raw “speed” of the yoyo.

The mind is a very powerful thing. We will honestly and sincerely impart properties onto things where those properties don’t actually exist. Believe it or not, there ARE people out there who think that floaty yoyos will literally have more hang-time than a yoyo of the exact same weight. And they’re feeling “something” for sure! And they are humble in their sincerity on this point. But it just ain’t so.

Illusion or not, I’ve definitely felt that different yoyos of roughly the same weight don’t play at the same speed. If we were just pinwheeling yoyos with a robot arm, that’d be one thing, but the weight distribution seems to affect how we perceive speed. Ultimately the simple physics don’t matter, what matters is the overall human experience.

I recently got a Prestige and a Format:C in the same order. They both weigh 65.x grams, and are roughly the same size, but the Format:C feels like its flying through the air while the prestige feels like every motion needs to be pushed. I would have guessed the Prestige weighed at least 3-4 grams heavier than the Format:C, but nope.

Then explain the Phenom :wink: I think weight distribution and shape has a part in speed as well, not just the weight…

Speaking of which… I recommend the Phenom :smiley: It’s insanely fast, insanely good at horizontal, and stable.

If that’s a little much the Summit’s great too, its really stable, and is fairly fast. It’s not super fast, but it can definitely go fast if you push it. And its decent at horizontal.

Perception is indeed king, then. I, too, have both a format:C and a Prestige. And I do find they’re equally fast. :wink: As soon as I started hucking the Prestige, I thought, “Zippy little thing, this!” :wink:

You can’t argue with physics. And it’s actually to my point, not against it that “robot arm” vs. “human experience” are two different things. And the human experience affects our perceptions such that we disregard facts and physics because of how we feel as we engage in these things. I’m not saying people are “kidding themselves” or that there’s anything that I’m judging anybody for here. I’m all about perception (perception is the sum of our existence!) and I think we’re entitled to it.

We are told the Phenom is fast. It LOOKS fast, all angular and stuff. It’s very stable. We take it in our hands for the first time and think, “let’s see how fast it REALLY is” and let’r rip. And that will be the experience that sticks with you in terms of your perception of that yoyo.

I did read you have a Shutter. I think a lot of people are under the perception that “more money = by default a better yoyo”, which isn’t necessarily the case since we’re talking about preferences.

I think the only way you’re gonna find what you want is through a lot of trial and error. Hopefully you can get a lot of “try before you buy” first.

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If you want a really nice throw, one of the best imo, there’s a Turning Point Maxbet on the bst for $100. Gustyo is selling it.

forget those! Take on the spyy Yoyo deal while it’s still going on!

Well. I think It is going to be between the Phenom and P.Wave. Maybe a sOMETHING? Any review on the P.Wave? I really like the shape and the size of it.

I thought long and hard about this for like 10 minutes haha

Yea, I get that something lighter should go faster than something heavier but wouldnt weight disribution and shape affect speed too? Wouldnt a more center weighted angular yoyo be faster? Wouldnt a more angular yoyo reduce drag and increase speed?

You could be right about perception though… But some yoyos turn out slower than expected and some turn out faster than expected so I dont think thats necesarily true.