What type of yoyo do you prefer?

I know most people and my friends have a type of yoyo they like (under sized, over sized, wide slim, light, heavy, h-shape, butterfly, wing, ect.)

I consider my self to be a experienced player and have tried 100s of yoyo, but over the years i have never developed any sort of personal preference. There are of corse some yo-yos i like more than others, but i like yoyos of all shapes and sizes

ex. 2 of my favorite yoyos are leviathan 4 (undersized heavy) and draupnir (full-sized light)

Does anyone else find themselves like this, or what type of yoyo do u like?

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Im like you i havent really created a profile of what i like but if i like the feel and play then ill get one no matter what it is

I like everything! If I were to choose one though, it would probably full-oversized, 65 grams, 43+ mm, and with an aggressive shape (ie, Sleipner).

-stable, full-over sized, 56-57mm
-reasonably wide, 43-44mm
-really wide gap width, 4.85mmish
-really fast, light, 62-63mm
-V/H shape hybrid
-low walls
-literally DEAD smooth
-amazing at all grinds, including fingerspins

What I find for the perfect Yoyo or stuff I like in yo-yos

  • low walls
    -smooth with a tiny bit of vibe
  • rim weight I like
  • mid sized
    -general yo bead Blast

And that’s what I find i like in yo-yos haven’t found that perfect Yoyo yet though.

*2.20 in at most in diameter
*CLYW ano job


aka the puffin :wink:

Mid Size

Mid Weight

I tend to like heavy, round profile throws.

Typically though my favorite yo yo changes every month or so!

every thing to the mm… idk is there even a yoy to that specification

Probably not… I know exactly what I want for my perfect yoyo, and thats just a piece of it. If I ever get sponsored and get a signature yoyo, I’m golden :smiley:

To broaden things up I like fast, stable yoyos that can grind and handle horizontal ;D


Weight I really don’t care about as long as the distribution doesn’t cause it to play like a rock on a string

Good for grinds

Good for fingerspins

Good at horizontal

Very smooth

Wide, but not superwide. The width of a Summit at the most

Stable and Floaty at the same time

It’s the dm2… It’s always the dm2…

I like me a well rounded yoyo, i.e a “classic” shape like the 888, Duncan Raptor, and the FHZ

Round and symetrical with a bearing.

I find triangular and asymetrical ones hurt and are to unpredictable. And don’t get me started on the fixed axle ones, those I swear are like some sort of torture device.

oversized or full sized
good for ANY grind (finger, thumb, finger spin, palm, Harold owens, etc.)
43mm-46mm width (its okay as long as it isn’t superwide)
can play either slow or fast
epic at horizontal
lowest wall possible for big slacks, whips, and suicides
stable, solid and a bit of floaty at the same time, maybe some heft, probably not
epic for any kind of 1a, 3a, or 5a (I do all 3 styles)
and if possible, make a plastic version with different specs and can be played for 1a, 3a, 4a, and 5a especially 4a

I like well made yoyos. Nice high end yoyos. I enjoy different things about many. I like the Dingo and the Dreadnought. I like the SakuraSE and the Leviathan 4. As long as they are well made, I like them. I’m not good enough to specialize. I find switching between them sometimes helps me make a breakthrough. Put away the throws I’ve been using while trying to learn mcBride rollercoaser. Grabbed a Isotope 1.03 out of the cabinet. Nailed 3/4 of it smooth as could be. I have never even landed the 1.5 mount smoothly before, never mind the next 2 steps.

Variety is the spice of yo for me.

I thought I had preference but if it is good I will probably love it. My friends have preferences, what ever yoyo I am using is usually perfect for me.

A spinning one! :smiley:

Death by yo yo Gung-Fu is my girl…I just wish I had one :’(

I prefer a good yoyo. ;D