String Trick Yoyo Shape


I prefer the H shaped yoyos. I feel more consistent and smooth, my throws seem better and the yoyo just feels better in my hand.

What does everybody else think?

(M.DeV1) #2

i prefer the rounded H shape like the G5s not the sharp curve of the code 1 or any of the star line of yyf


I like wing shaped yoyos for string tricks.

I got a decent amount of variety in my collection.

V shapes I like. Just, they look pleasing to me.

But I also like the organic shapes of my CLYW’s.

My two favorites are my DM2, and Code 1. After that, Speeder 2 and 54. Odd how it’s YYJ and OD.

After that, it varies on my mood. I have a phenomizm bootleg that’s getting tons of play, as well as my Matterhorn colorway Avalanche. I just try to mix things up and will often grab the “yoyo of the day” and that’s what I’m gonna use that day.

I find I’m pretty much the same with almost everything. But, when it comes to starting something new, the DM2 is my go-to learning yoyo, but quite often, it’s just my default go-to yoyo.

All I can say is I do have a preference for oversized, heavy yoyos. Shape seems secondary to me.


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I’ve yet to learn many/any string tricks but, shouldn’t diameter, weight and width be a mitigating factor as well?


Yes. It’s called “personal preferences”.


I like yoyos with bubbly rims. For example, the punchline


I prefer wing shaped, only because I actually never used an H profile yoyo. i wanted an Hspin Nvx, but had no money at the time.

(themikedurdak) #10

I like any type. ;D If I had to say, I’d have to choose H. They are usually wide, have a large catch zone, and are good for grinding.