whats your favorite shape

hi what is your favorite yoyo shape


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H shape

i gotta agree with lax

Just the classic round butterfly shape. I havn’t tried an h-shape so I might change my mind when I try one

Rounded Butterfly takes the cake.

h shape

Does that yoyo play or is it some joke yoyo.

It plays.

I prefer a regular rounded shape. H shapes are disgusting!


It plays but I posted it as a joke. :wink:

Not sure whats its called exactly but i like the shape of the CLYW Peak, i thinks its called flat rimmed wings or something, correct me if im wrong.

I don’t necessarily care in a sense but I like rounded butterfly, flat rimmed or h-shape really. It just depends on the mood of the day.

i really like round bubbly shapes like the katz meow

Grinds so nice…

Yeah, you just have to give it a good hard throw…

i like the string theory remnant shape. a lot

B!st TONDO grinds like buttah.