favorite yoyo shape?


I was just curious, I personally love less-defined H-shapes and G-shapes, but my main is a blink, so H-shapes are usually what I use. What do you use or like?


Organics all day, preferably with hubstacks :slight_smile:


I tend to gravitate towards stepped V shapes, or V/H hybrids… Though I do have to say nothing is as comfortable to hold as an Organic!


H or V

What’s a G-Shape?



(Erik Kerber ) #6

I usually use V-Shpes and Organics


I like them all, but if I had to put them in order of preference:

  1. H
  2. V
  3. O

I noticed that I like a bit of a hybrid too, not just a pure form of any of these. For example, some of the bell shaped throws have a V with a bit of O too. I tend to like those shapes.


I’m definately going to go with H shape. If I was asked to narrow it down to an individual yoyo it would have to be the ‘Doomsday’ Genesis:

Just feels perfect to me, haven’t come across another shape that just feels so… right.


I love my Shutter, so comfy in the hand and so stable. If I am not mistaken, this is an H shape.

Though I like the shape of the CafeRacer as well, which I would call a V shape.

If I am wrong, let me know so I know which shapes I’m actually throwing. That would also aid me in future purchases/trades.


I favour the organic shape because it feels more comfortable in my hand.


I prefer round ones m’self.


The ones with the rims and gaps.


I really like bell shape throws like the cascade. Though, I have started to become real fond of h shapelike how the gambit is.


L4 and L5


I like V most, but H is a close second. Organics are still good but not my #1 choice.


I’m going to bump this soon, because I have a lot of new game entries to share.  I think this thread will help, because it helped me.  :wink:



I didn’t read all 27 pages yet, trough I read the first 2. I will be studying that thread from now on.