Yoyo Shape

What is your favorite Yoyo shape and what is your favorite Yoyo of that shape? Mine is V shape with the Advance Scout

H, Cliff

Organic, Markmont Classic

organic, barebones by dif-e-yo…



V Berserker SS

inverse round

So far, I’m in love with the shape of the Gnarwhal 2 and Puffin 2, they are definitely my favorite, but the Caesar is really fun to mess around with too

Love this shape which I’m calling Chess Piece since it looks like the base of a chess piece.


I like V shapes and organic shapes. I like how they feel in my hands.

Arctic Circle 2 shape
Kind of a V/H hybrid.
Also starting to dig the Oxygene IO shape.

I don’t think I have a favorite shape. I’m discovering that it might be the least important feature that I look for in a yo-yo. :-\ When I look at my mains, all shapes seem to be covered. I’m still exploring this question.