Yoyo Shape


What is your favorite Yoyo shape and what is your favorite Yoyo of that shape? Mine is V shape with the Advance Scout


H, Cliff


Organic, Markmont Classic


organic, barebones by dif-e-yo…




V Berserker SS


inverse round


So far, I’m in love with the shape of the Gnarwhal 2 and Puffin 2, they are definitely my favorite, but the Caesar is really fun to mess around with too

(YoYoStringLab) #8

Love this shape which I’m calling Chess Piece since it looks like the base of a chess piece.



I like V shapes and organic shapes. I like how they feel in my hands.


Arctic Circle 2 shape
Kind of a V/H hybrid.
Also starting to dig the Oxygene IO shape.


I don’t think I have a favorite shape. I’m discovering that it might be the least important feature that I look for in a yo-yo. :-\ When I look at my mains, all shapes seem to be covered. I’m still exploring this question.