Which yoyo shape do you prefer?

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(Jasonwongzero: I modified this topic subject to make it clearer for others.)


Yeah you need to stop now. Go outside, it’s fun! Go learn some tricks from the learn section or Slusny. Go do anything besides posting multiple new threads.


come on, the guy is new, perhaps just learning this forum and wants to get his game on…
cut him some slack.



Fella, please try to be more descriptive and focused when creating new posts and in naming the topic subjects so that people can be participate in your threads.


I like organic (curved) shapes - “imperial” and “butterfly” are shapes specific to Duncan products (and actually trademarked as such). Nowadays people talk in terms of Organic, V, H etc.

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im sorry i dont know how this works i just wanted to try it u bums blaming me for being undesciptive im not even a teenager i didnt know its hours before school starts and i have nothing better to do i was minding my own bissnes posting stuff trying to make friends cause i dont have any now u guys come and tell me to do somethin else well i thought learning to yo yo and joining a group of other people would make me feel a part of somethin instead it makes me feel bad and u guys were bein real rude about it to a new person firs post u could b nice and give him pointers and help if u think he or she sucks ITS REAL NICE TO SAY B MORE DESCRPTIVE GO OUT SIDE DO SOMETHING ELSE u people suck

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i am new one of my first posts bums :’(


V is for me.

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Please don’t feel offended by what they say, they don’t mean anything negative as far as I’m concerned. I suggest checking out yoyowiki.org for basic informations about yoyo shapes, parts, etc.
If you are wondering which yoyo to get, go here http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/board,15.0.html try to use the search button for something that seemingly someone else have asked before, like which yoyo should I get etc.
Btw welcome to the forum!

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im not an idiot i know what yo yos to get i aint a noob i just wanted to start a poll and thats what poped in my head


You need to calm down and learn to accept that people will make comments and suggestions you don’t like. rizki_yoist made a congenial, helpful comment.


I bet you could get kids at your school into yoyoing. I did back in middle school. Half my life later they still remember me yoyoing and telling me how envious they were.

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everyone at my school hates me and laugh at me cause im bad at yo yoing i practice for an hour or more every day but i suck and im better at it than they r but they still think i suck


I’m sure they don’t. I fact I’m positive they don’t. I’m going to be a freshman next year and as a 1 year yoyoer everyone has embraced my hobby. I even did it in the goofy talent show. I was the king of popularity because of it. And I’m still advanced pt 2.


all the more incentive to get good at it :wink:


I like H shape but with a smooth edge on the ‘step’


Keep doing what you do. They are most likely jealous and want attention. I bet when you are throwing, People are still watching! You know I’m right. Don’t worry about what people tell you and have fun with it.


And by the way, I like H and second is V shaped :wink:


I love organic shaped yoyos.


Like you would know anything about different yoyo shapes Jason… :stuck_out_tongue: