What type of yoyo do you prefer?

Smooth as a baby’s @$$
Somewhat floaty but with solidity. I don’t care for a rock on the string typically.
Blasted of tumbled finish, preferably gruntbull blast.
Throw in a OD 10 ball and I’m a happy dude.

I like yoyos of all kinds i love the summit an oversized yoyo

but i dont mind the dv888 an under sized yoyo

as long as it plays nice its good for me

Undersized to midsized, round but still keeps some “angularity”, has a strong undercut, subtle yet sophisticated, long axle, large bearing.

Undersized (50-52mm)
Wide (44-45mm)
Light (<66g)
Shape doesn’t really matter as long as the catch zone rejects nicely.