Your personal preferences?

I’m not sure whether or not this thread has been started before, but here goes.
Thin, thick or normal?
Undersized, oversized, or normal?
Heavy, or light, and which shape?
I’m curious to hear what everyone’s choices are.

Full sized. Light. Organic as well as angular.

54-56 diameter
42-43 width
65-67 grams

I’ve found that the best yoyos for me are in that range.

Thin for string, normal yoyo sizes, light modified V

I guess I should comment too since I started; slightly thinner string and a slightly undersized light v shape (whether its a modified shape or not.)

I like type 6 poly, and undersized H shaped yoyos.

Thin strings, mid to full sized, and V shape.

Nothing sharp.

Something slim, I don’t know why but I cant throw wide yo-yos. They never catch right when i whip.

Mid or Heavy weight. I like to play fast, but with momentum behind the yoyo (anyone else feel this way?)

Material doesnt matter, it just has to PLAY good.

Although light weight metals dont feel right to me :-\


toxic mark mont strings
i like undersize - mid size to full … but not over size.

Usually V shapes, sometimes organic and rarely H

Oversized or undersized.(with exceptions)
Snow tires
CT or KK
And shape? Anything that spins long enough for one of my long combos, and doesn’t kill my hand to catch.
And heavy or light? Not sure.I’ve liked a lot of light throws
And a lot of heavy. I guess both.

What ever shape the Catalyst is.
Normal poly strings
weight of the Catalyst
Natural Pads or the original K-pads.
Duncan or yyf jam counterweights.
Coca cola
Bubble Yum original flavor
reeses peanut butter cups
Hi Chew

I prefer regular or normal thickness strings.

Size? Full sized, around the 56mm diameter. But I play stuff all over the place.

Weight? I like stuff on the heavier side of things, 67grams+.

I mostly like the V-type shapes, but again, I play anything.

I don’t care much about string, but I love an oversized yoyo.

I’ve been trying to get my hands on a G&E 4 for a while, and ive recently gotten a Pyro that I really enjoy.