what is your yoyo preference

he means h and butterfly

Favorite shape = H Shape and Hourglass
Favorite size = Full Size
Favorite material = Metal
Favorite color = Any that really catches my eye…
Favorite yoyo = SPYY Pro and YYF Primo

Favorite shape: H/butterfly
Favorite size: undersized, just under 2 inches
Favorite material: metal
Favorite yoyos: mini-motu and axiom

Favorite Shape: H-Shape
Favorite Size: 888 to Protostar size
Favorite Material: Mixed and Metal
Favorite Color: Blue and Green, Acid Wash, and any Splash
Favorite yoyo: At the moment Legacy and Protostar

anything just a little oversized metal butterfly and I don’t mind the weight as much as a good medium density.

Shape: Usually a very round butterfly but I’ve been getting into h lately
Size: Undersized all day
Material: Aluminum
Color: its not really a color, but raw
Fav yoyo: well, my favorite officially released yoyo is the Katz Meow v.2, but my fav of all time is FPYY’s new proto.

Shape: Any shape. Just not anything crazy. Liket the Envy.

Size: Any size. Depends. I like my MiniStar and I like the Falcon. Big size difference. Just depends on the yoyo.

Weight: Light weight. Like 61-64.5 grams. Or if it just feels light and fast. Like Genesis. It weights like 66g I belive but it plays really fast and light cause of the shape. So I like it.

Material: Alluminum, Magnesium, Titanium. Just not plastic or derlin.

Color: Anything un-suckish.

Fav. Yoyos: (top 3) Magnum, Hatrick, and 5 Star v.2.

shape:Whatever shape the protostar is… :smiley:
size:Undersized/slightly undersized
material: Metal or plastic
color: Purple
favorite yoyo: Gnarwhal, half and half or 888

Shape: any shape realy just depends on what i am doing
Size:undersized FTW
Material:full metal
Color: any colorway that does not look bad
Favorite yoyo:gnarwhal/genesis

Shape: Large Catch Area and Angular(fast play)
Size: Undersize… mostly
Material: Bi-Metals, PLastic DEATH TO METALS :stuck_out_tongue:
Color: Solid or Fade
Protostar, Kickside w/ yuuksta mod +buzz on weights Campfire