Diamiter and weight?

As the years go by, the trends change with yoyo styles, and size.
If you had a custom yoyo made for you, what size and weight would you choose?
Feel free to throw in any other requirements :slight_smile:

54 diameter. 64g, and a nice 4.2 width. V shape. Would be sweet!

53-54mm diameter, 63-65g, genyo chemical blast, spikes, c bearing, kinda the same shape as the model 10, and 43mm width.

V shape rounded rims mostly even weight except for like a half a gram near the edge of the cup
53 mm diameter
43 mm width
66-67 grams
This sounds like a overly complicated Starbucks order from a blonde daddy’s girl if said fast. Lol XD

43mm (I think)

54 diameter, 63-64 weight, blast (whatever was used on the blasted Prestige is fine!), something comfortable on the catch, so not a severe “V” shape, but it can be mostly V transitioning to semi-organic near the rims.

Spike would be nice, but if it’s there it’s gotta be acute enough to be used for matador! None of these dull spikes that can’t be used. Otherwise, the dimply thing in the Prestige actually works pretty good for matador, so one of those. :wink:

4.2-4.5mm gap. None of this 3.9 or 5.0mm madness

Stock with profiled but not grooved bearing (ie. CT, KK, Whipple/Delta)

Around 64 grams and a 51-52 diameter with a model 10 shape, I guess a smaller M10 :slight_smile:

55mm x 41mm. 66g

52mm, 59g. Similar shape to the Uragment/Fragment, maybe with a spike or something in the cup. So tired of V-shaped 65-68g, 54-57mm yoyos.

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56mm diameter, 44mm width, 4.4mm gap width, 66g.

53.7mm diamiter with 46mm wide with a weight of 65.4 and an organic v with a spike and make it have a floaty feel that is made for fun. with a glass blasted finish

57mm diameter 42mm width and 68g

After seeing Nathan’s message, it occurred to me that I could go even lighter than the 63-64 I mentioned. My favourite yoyo lately is the 49g Pacquiao. :wink:

52 mm diameter, 63-67 g weight.

Modified Stepped V, The catchzone area to be more a U and the rim to be a bit more H.

58-60 Dia, 64-65g and a width of maybee, 42-44?

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53 mm diameter
42 mm width
4.1 mm gap
67 grams
Rounded V
Velvety smooth blast


Why not just produce a Titanium version of the KLR. I absolutley love that shape, and using Titanium would allow you to tweak the weight distribution with a lot of granularity.

That’s my suggestion.

Diameter: 53mm
Width: 45mm
Weight: 66g
It would have a very open catch zone with bigger rounded rims, and a more even distribution so it gives of a good amount of float.

52 mm diameter
39mm width
65 grams weight
probably a Vshape that rounds off at the ends.
If this exists can someone please direct me to it…

55 Diameter
67 Grams
41 Width

Of course, diameter, weight, and width don’t define how a yoyo will feel and play, but this is generally what I like my yoyos at.