Whats your ffavourite yo-yo specifics?


Wasnt sure where to post this so move it if you like :wink:

So whats your favourite specs? I will start with this:

Weight (g) 65.00

Width (mm) 42

Diameter (mm) 55.20

Gap Width (mm) 3.99

Gap type Fixed

(WildCat23) #2

Weight 69g
Width 42mm
Diameter 52-54mm
Gap Width 4.5mm


hmm not too picky here …

Diameter: 52-56mm
Width: Don’t care
Gap Width: Don’t care
Weight: not too heavy … don’t like heavy throws … like anything over 70grams
Bearing: I use to like KK,crucial,Centertrac… … but now … i like Terrapin x wing cut … and OD 10ball.


Thats practically a positron, just 3 grams to light and a mm off of Diameter, u tried one? They are brilliant…


Gap width:4.25-4.5mm
Weight: Not really picky. Anything 65g-70g
Shape: butterfly/organic
Colors: Plain and simple, no splash


full size, at very least 2.13 inches, rare exceptions for midsizes
angle or H shape
must have C size bearing… i absolutly hate trying to open A size
no hubstacks
sili response
pretty much any price under 200
between 63 and 73 grams


Hmmm… Thats tough. It really depends on what im feeling at the moment. Iam really attracted to organic shapes, but lately i’ve been digging the angular H shape of some of the more competition geared throws. I would say:
I like a heavier throw, but its all about the weight distribution. That dictates whether or not it plays like a tank or not. The burnside has really been fitting well into that slot for me lately. But then again, there’s always my trusty ole sass. :slight_smile:


What ever the specs the yoyo of my fav. yoyos <----- thats what i prefer.


I don’t have specs that I’d want to quote. I like stuff approaching oversized and tends to be kind of heavy, 67+ grams.

The DM2 is a favorite. I also really like my Phenom. The Phenom weighs more but feels like nothing on the string and even in the hand.

I’ve got stuff all over the place in sizes and weights. The ones I keep going to are mostly as I said: approaching oversized 67+ grams.

(Owen) #10

Diameter: 50.45 mm / 1.98 inches
Width: 41.45 mm / 1.63 inches
Gap Width: 4.27 mm / .16 inches
Weight: 62.8 grams
Bearing Size: One Drop 10 Ball Bearing
Size C (.250 x .500 x .187)
Response: One Drop Flow Groove

… my dietz :stuck_out_tongue:

(themikedurdak) #11

*I Love Yoyos Of All Shapes And Sizes But All Of My Absolute Favorites Are All In This Range.

54-56 mm Diameter
41-44 mm Width
63-67 g weight
Bearing Doesn’t Matter
Why Are The First Letters In Every Word Capitals ? ??? ?
Shape: H Or Wide Open-ish


Diameter- 56mm
Width- 42mm
Weight- 71g
Gap Width- 3.75mm
Bearing- C Size
Response- Flowable Silicone

I prefer a v shape with flat rims and a highwall, similar to the Dark Magic, and obviously a thumb grind lib. For surface finish, I prefer a matte finish. I prefer the gap not too wide.

(YoYo_Freak) #13

I like yoyos that have 2 sides and spin.