Players make a Yo-Yo.

Lets make a FEW Yo-Yos. I know we probably won’t be able to make actual designs unless we get someone to (I’ll try to find someone), But lets make our own Yo-Yo. This Yo-Yo will not be a looping Yo-Yo, just a Yo-Yo that doesn’t have many flaws and it’s made by the players so this will be something we all like and if we get pictures, etc. etc. I will E-Mail this to one of the company’s with a list of names from this page saying we like it, and we would like them to look at this and everything else. Not everything goes into the Stats thing below. Tell me some things like the Shape etc. etc… I will update this every few days. and please be reasonable about this and try not to say things like a “Motorized Yo-Yo!”. I would like too see this Yo-Yo make it! I know some will say that no one will accept this but even if your right, let’s make this fun.

Heavy Weight
Stats: (Brand Here) (Name Here)
Diameter: ??
Width: ??
Response System: ??
Weight: ??
Bearing Size: ??

Light Weight
Stats: (Brand Here) (Name Here)
Diameter: ??
Width: 40 mm
Response System: ??
Weight: ??
Bearing Size: ??
Finsh: Piramatte

Wide Gap
Stats: (Brand Here) (Name Here)
Diameter: ??
Width: ??
Response System: ??
Weight: ??
Bearing Size: ??

Small Gap
Stats: HSpin (Name Here)
Diameter: ??
Width: ??
Response System: ??
Weight: 65.5 grams
Bearing Size: ??

The problem is everyone has different preferences

Then it will be the Franken Yo-Yo!!!


Hmmm… Maybe i could add in a few more Yo-Yos with Headings above them. I could put light weight above one heavy weight above one Wide Gap Above one Small Gap Above one?

Updated! Four Different preferences added!

My specs may be familiar to you already.

We can’t copy complete Stats. Think of some on your own. Pick which Class you want it to be in and pick one stat you want to be in it.

Hmm, might as well be the first one to start it.

Light Weight
Stats: SPYY, ??
Diameter: 52.5mm
Width: 40mm
Response System: 1drop silicone pad
Weight: 66 grams
Bearing Size: C (10 Ball)

Light Weight
Stats: General-Yo, ?
Diameter: 49.30 mm
Width: 38.80 mm
Response System: Hat Pads
Weight: 63.3 g
Bearing Size: AIGR

I took the Hatrick and the ministar and averaged the specs to create the perfect yoyo.

small gap:
diameter: 51.5mm
width: 37mm
response system: flowable silicone
weight:65.5 grams
bearing size: d (in there new bearing design)

Heavy Weight
Diameter: 53mm
Width: 40.5
Gap: 4.1mm
Response System: Sili Pad
Weight: 66.5g
Bearing Size: D

Pick one stat out of your whole stat thing and tell me. I can’t have 100 yoyos. lol

NO!!! You make them all we said, LOL!! ;D

I’m not gonna make the yoyos. We’re are gonna create the perfect yoyo that fits everybodys preferences and put it together and send it to one of the companys with a list of names on this site that would like to get the yoyo made. :slight_smile:

Floaty yoyo/light weight:

Responce:Flowable silicone

We could use the width and finish on the one above if you don’t mind. :slight_smile:

Updated. Bump

Wide Gap
Response System:Flowable silicone
Bearing Size:C/Terrapin ceramic

Sooooooooooooooooo random

We could use the weight and the response system if you’d like. :slight_smile:

would you use my brand and weight for small gapped