Your Signature Yo-Yo: What would it be?

You know how most Pros have Signature Yo-Yos, right?

EXAMPLE: Andre’ Boulay’s Signature Yo-Yo is the Dark Magic.

Well, If you were on a professional Yo-Yo team and you could design your own Yo-Yo, what would it be?

My Signature Yo-Yo:

Manufacturer: Yoyojam
Name: The Striker
Diameter: 2.20"
Width: 1.63"
Gap Width: .16"
Response: Double O-ring
Weight: 69 grams
Bearing: Size C
Description: Aluminum Yo-Yo with Metallic-Emerald matte paint. No caps, has lip for Thumb-grinds. Comes in standard Yoyojam box with Polyester green string.

PS. I would recommend you base your Yo-Yo’s stats on the stats of your favorite real Yo-Yos so the Yo-Yo you make up can have all your favorite aspects in it(Like the shape of a Speeder, the weight of the Legacy, and the response of a loop-720).