YoYoJam Dark Magic Review

The YoYoJam Dark Magic (version I):
By: Brandoide1



So here is my 8 year late review on one of the most well-known yoyos of this time: The ever popular “Dark Magic.” As most of you probably know, this yoyo was designed by national yoyo master and world yoyo contest judge “André Boulay.” It has been used to win nationals and get as high as 2nd in the world yoyo contest. This is also the yoyo that André uses in his 1A tutorials on this site. It is another classic YoYoJam bi-metal yoyo (metal on the rims and a plastic body). The metal rims supposedly give the yoyo better grinding capabilities and longer sleep times. It is a bigger sized yoyo and it is also very heavy. If you like big, heavy yoyos, you [s]will[/s] [u]would have[/u] enjoyed this a lot. A shame that it is no longer manufactured, this yoyo will forever be a classic. Disney has Mickey Mouse, Nintendo has Mario, and YoYoJam has the Dark Magic. It's their icon.


Manufacturer: YoYoJam
Shape: Wing
Diameter: 2.22in (56.34mm)
Width: 1.63in (41.31mm)
Weight: 70g
Gap: Adjustable
Response System: Hybrid



I’ll start off by saying, this yoyo plays excellent. I still use it quite often actually; and keep in mind people that this yoyo was released in 2004! This was probably phenomenal for its time, if it is still a fantastic yoyo to this day… Grinds are great and it sleeps long. Here are some design flaws: It has some vibe issues… This isn’t such a terrible thing though. It doesn’t bother me at all. With the hybrid response, (the starburst side in particular) the string grinds up against it and slows the spin down a little bit. That can be annoying but it doesn’t affect the overall play that much though; but nonetheless it isn’t a good thing. Due to it being in the “heavy weight” class, it does move slower when you’re doing your tricks. Thumb grinds are great with this yoyo as well. If you take the caps off, there’s an outer rim and an inner rim. They are very easy to do with this yoyo. For its time and still today, this thing plays outstanding…

Pros and Cons:


• Spins for a long time.
• Stable, long grinds.
• Good thumb grinds.
• Large diameter
• Heavy
• Don’t have to replace response system again and again.
• Arguably cheap ($40.80)


• Side(s) tarnishes after a while- doesn’t affect the play though…
• String rubs against the starburst side and slows the spin down.
• Adjustable gap wears out over time.
• Large diameter (it can be good or bad depending on your preference).
• Heavy (again, it can be good or bad).



• For general maintenance guides, look here: http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,17792.0.html
• Since this yoyo has hybrid response, you really don’t need to keep replacing silicone or anything. The starburst and O-ring will last as long as you have this yoyo.
• Cap Removal: Suction cups… Just pluck em’ off.
• Bearing: Just normal lubing periodically and if you want to: clean the bearing. Here’s a great guide on how to do this: http://yoyoexpert.com/forums/index.php/topic,871.0.html
• Gap: This yoyo has an adjustable gap. When you first get it (if you can) the adjustable gap stays stiff and works well. However, once you keep screwing and unscrewing the gap, it starts to get looser and looser until you’re forced to play on the tightest gap setting. So, to keep it unresponsive, you can buy a kk bearing, you can buy some thread locker to keep the gap working good, or you can buy a pair of shims to make the gap wider.

Key Deciding Factors:

1.) Do you like big yoyos? Y or N.
2.) Do you like heavy yoyos? Y or N.
3.) Do you like not having to replace the response system? Y or N.
4.) (Follow up of #3): Do you mind having an inferior response system compared to the one used today (silicone), but not having to replace anything? Y or N.
5.) Are you a big “grinder/thumb grinder?” Y or N.

The more questions you said “yes” to, the more you will would have liked this yoyo…





A classic; this yoyo will forever be remembered. This yoyo was a monster for its time and is still fantastic today. It sleeps long and it performs grinds of all types excellent. Unfortunately, it is no longer manufactured ever since the [url=http://shop.yoyoexpert.com/product/4/YYJ-Dark-Magic]Dark Magic II[/url]. So if this yoyo has a lot of your preferences, you might as well try out a Dark Magic 2. It is exactly the same except for it is 1g lighter in weight, a different response system (silicone), and there is no adjustable gap (instead it comes with 2 bearings; one thin (responsive) for beginners, and one thick (speed bearing) for advanced throwers), and it has the YoYoJam solid spin axle. So if you like this, give a DM2 a try. Once again, I am impressed with yet another one of YoYoJam’s yoyos. Well done!