Dark Magic review

I just got my first dark magic(yoyoexpert special edition Dark Magic) two days ago from rsmod123(he and I combined our orders to save on shipping). Now the review…
The Yo-Yo’s History
The Dark Magic is designed by World Yo-Yo Contest Judge André Boulay. It has been used by many famous players to place as high as 2nd in the World Yo-Yo Contest and 1st in the National Yo-Yo Contest.
The Yo-Yo’s Specifications
Dark Magic has a weight of 70 grams, hybrid response, a diameter of 2.21 inches, a width of 1.63 inches, and an adjustable gap.
Pros(note: I replaced the rubber o-ring with a silicone sticker, so the play may differ from a stock Dark Magic.)
When I first threw this yoyo, the first thing I noticed is that it has incredibly long spin time. The play is also relatively smooth as compared to my other metal rimmed yoyos. It is also more stable. Due to its big width, it is a little easier to land the yoyo on the string as compared to my other yoyos. It also grinds well due to the smooth metal rims. As for the looks, I do not think it would help commenting as the Dark Magic Special Edition has already gone out of stock, so I would just comment on the play.
This yoyo makes a strange whining sound while spinning due to the starbursts rubbing against the string. This also slows down the yoyo a little bit. This yoyo is also not as smooth as my legacy( maybe due to the starbursts?).
This is a good yoyo to buy if you are looking to buy a metal rimmed yoyo that is heavy and big.

i siliconed my dm and aded shims so the gap is incredibly wide .

now it spins longer and i got no problem with it !

i also polished it now it’s 65 g so i play fast with it and it 's so smooth !!

for me a great yoyo to plays with and to adjust within your preferences!

I thought the Dark Magic was supposed to be smoother than the Legacy. ???

Nope, legacy is smoother. It has a wider gap, and it has flushed silicone response, and dark magic has starbursts. IMO, starbursts make the yoyo less smooth. DM’s have a tiny gap.

Indeed, I’m not a big fan of starburst.