Dark Magic Review

Ok, so about 2 weeks ago I got the YoyoJam Dark Magic. After playing with it for awhile, all I can say is, “whoa…” It’s unbelievably good. Let me lay down some specs for you.

-It’s about 70 grams
-The diameter is 56 mm
-The width, 41 mm
-It comes with the standard YoyoJam bearing.

First of all, lets talk first impressions. This thing just looks cool. I have the white, but I have seen it in red, blue, yellow, white, and even pink! The pogs on the newest version have a silver spell circle on it and Dark Magic written in silver as well. The rest of the pog is clear. Its one of the most stylish yo-yos I’ve seen.

The design is great too. It’s a butterfly, so it’s definitely built for string tricks. The center, where the axle is, is plastic, but toward the outside it has metal rings. This distributes the weight to the outside of the yo-yo giving you unbelievably long spin times. The response system is also great. It’s a Yoyojam Hybrid system. It’s a combination of starburst and O-ring response systems. This gives you just enough response to get it back to your hand, but it will handle any kind of slack trick you can throw at it. The axle is adjustable too, so if you don’t like how it plays at first, you can make the gap bigger or smaller, depending on how you want to play. I, myself, play A, but I have heard that the Dark Magic plays well in 5A and I’ve even heard it can do 4A! Anyway you like to throw, this thing will perform. It’s been played by greats like Andre Boulay (it’s his signature) Yuukie Spencer, Augie Fash, and more. So you know it’s a winner.

It’s reasonably priced, too, at just $40.80. It’s a steal for the play you get out of it.

All in all, great yo-yo. I recommend it highly. 10/10

i totally agree with pandajoe, the Dark Magic is the best metal weighted ring series yoyo i have played with and that i have. it sleeps long and it doesnt turn to the side while its just sleeping do to the metal rims. its also at a very reasonable price. Great YoYo!


Good review! :slight_smile:

Thanks guys. I’m getting a Plastic Grind Machine pretty soon so when it comes you can be sure I’ll write a review.

Ever throwing,