Dark Magic Review

   The dm... My first metal yoyo. My only yoyo. Though inexperienced with reviews and being a young teen, i will do my best to be as much un-biased as i can. Ive had it for 3months and tried only few other yoyo's. Anyways... here's my review:

YYJ Dark Magic Stats:
Diameter: 2.21"
Width: 1.63"
Gap Width (mm/in) :
Response System: Hybrid
Weight: 70 grams
Bearing Size: Size C

Shape: The shape is a butterfly yoyo. The difference is that it has about a quarter centimeter of a flat rim. something like this: /— minus the part that is sticking out.

First of all the hybrid: Everyone’s problem. Said to be grippy, unreliable, slippery, knot giver. Well ill tell you what- its not slippy or grippy or unrelable. It doesnt give knots either. I dont know why people bag on it so much. I think its just because it has a starburst that people hate it. 8/10

Sleeping: Its an average sleeper. Because of the metal rims- it spins so fast! I actually have to perform a grind(ill get to you on those later) in order to bind it. It actually hurts to bind too early. My best sleeper is 2min 30 sec. ive seen people go to 5 min. 9/10

Grinds: This is its weak point. Grinds are ok but dont last too long. Its ok i guess. Other than thumb grinds- its not that good 6/10

Slack: This yoyo does NOT stay suspended in air, but it makes up for it with its large gap. Meaning even though it doesnt give you much time to catch it, if your quick it’ll go in.8/10

Weight: A hefty 70 grams. You can feel the pressure when it lands on the string on every eli hop.
Long spin times. Awwwwwwwwwwwww Yeaaaaaaaaah!

Look: Beautiful. Amazing looking. Gorgeus. 9/10

Hub stacks: Uh… Yeah. it doesnt… 0/10

Vibe/smoothness: Slight vibe to it. It isnt the smoothest, but gosh is it smooth. 8/10

Endurance/how long it lasts during tricks: I think ive only gotten it to 50sec to a minute. Its great though. During techy slacks, though, if you mess up youll kill your spin and have to perform it quickly.8/10

Flips: Its not very good at these. it only lasts for a while if you go fast.7/10

overall: Id give it About an 8.4/10 or an A-

This is a great yoyo you should try it. Its worth the 40 bucks.

Nice review but the dark magic is a hybrid not a metal.

It was a good review, but a few pointers are to ditch the scale system, and go more in depth in some parts :wink:

It’s not a hybrid either, it’s a bi-material yo-yo. The response is hybrid, not the material.

Never said all metal.

By technicality, it is hybrid. He meant a hybrid material yoyo, so you are wrong


You may also want to elaborate more on the shape.

I LOVE THE DM…except the fact that mine broke today, in the very center of the yoyo on the out side a crack formed around the dimple that is sticking out…FML…definitely unusable now. im thinkin about goin with the genesis…anyone have an opinion on that yet?

exact same thing happened to me. i cant get pictures but it happened but its still playable

Most YYJ yoyos are hybrid mixes…

Nice review, but don’t use a numbered rating system…
Throw hard