YYJ Dark Magic Review / Impression (Dark Magic vs Hitman too)

Dark Magic by YoyoJam which i purchased from yoyonation

I purchased this yoyo after about 1 month of yoyoing. i was picking up really quick and wanted to push myself. When i first brought this yoyo out of the box it had a cotton string with it which i replaced, I use only 100% polyester. My first throw seconds after produced a fairly quiet and smooth toss. It was easy to bind and didn’t require much more effort. string tricks were easy however too much sting i the gap was difficult for the yoyo to handle, 5 is about the limit before the strings either slow the spin or catch on the O-ring. I was impressed with the response system of a hybrid but respose system is total preference. I just like. the bad side, its a fairly heavy yoyo. you can’t really tell the difference in weight until you start to throw with it for long periods at a time, it really tires one’s wrist. The weight is isolated to the outer parts which helps but that doesn’t take away from the 70g. The size of the yoyo is typical. there is no difference in “feel” in my DM and my X-convict or my hitman both by YYJ (100% opinion). Compared to other yoyo’s in the market, ya, the DM is bigger in size.

After some time of working it in i realized that it had the “YYJ vibe”. it lost some of its control and it was getting hard to throw perfect sleepers with no vibe. the yoyo also kept hissing loudly, but thats one thing that a starburst response can do is make it sound louder. never the less, i still love the yoyo. i have never modified it in any way and it sleeps on average whenever i time it of 2:55. It’s a decent grinder, not one of its strong points but its still capable and better then most. I absolutely love this yoyo and think that it should be in everyones collection at some point (either this or a Hitman). It has been faithful to me and its great for various style of play. Still in great condition. This yoyo has 0 scratches and it still preforms beautifully. it is a great 3rd yoyo for anyone but i wouldn’t recommend getting it any earlier.

If you’re looking here for help on whether to get a Hitman, x-convict, or DM: the x-con should be last on your list, its just not that great on binds and smoothness. can’t even do a grind, and its sleep time is lower because the weight isn’t distributed for long sleep times.

between the DARK MAGIC vs HITMAN, if you’re looking for:
Grind: Hitman
Smaller in size: Hitman
light in weight: Hitman
more string tricks: Hitman
Sleep time: Dark Magic
Control: Dark Magic
Smoother throw: Dark Magic
Various play style: Dark Magic
RESPONSE SYSTEM- total preference which is what everyone says but to help my words of wisdom: if you started on a lyn fury and liked it, get a hitman. If you got a Speed Maker then Dark Magic. Starting or second yoyo tells a lot. If you still use it for fun sometimes then you probably prefer that response system. The Double O-ring catches way more and binds don’t have to be perfect. Hybrid is slightly harder to get right everytime as sometimes the bind will fail. It just takes more practice which is what everyone can use.

Good Review! Personally the shape,weight, and Hybrid response is perfect for me.

The’re both good advanced yo yos but I think the Dark Magic is the better one; longer spintimes
and better for grinds. But the Hitman seems to last longer.