YoYoJam Speedmaker Review

Another YoYoJam Yo-yo: The Speedmaker.

Designed and Signature by The Three Time World Champion (2004-2006) Hiroyuki Suzuki or “Mickey” as well.

Its an all plastic Yo-yo, as what they said, Its the plastic version of the Speeder. It’s all plastic but it really play great.

Here are the details:

Manufacturer YoYoJam
Shape Butterfly / Wing
Weight (g) 61.20
Width (mm) 36.13
Diameter (mm) 55.08
Gap Width (mm) 3.48
Bearing Size (Inside x Outside x Width) .250 x .500 x .187 in
Gap Type Adjustable
Stock Response System YYJ Hybrid

Here it is.

First play: It was good, Fine, No wobble & has a really cute vibe. If you really tighten the gap, it will be pretty responsive even though you apply Thin Lube in the bearing or the response system is Stock (Hybrid - Half Starburst & Half O-ring)

My own spin time: 2 Minutes with a strong throw but the string is on the sides :stuck_out_tongue:

Any Problems?: None so far.


My rating: 8/10 - Its good, I need more weight in it. But I understand its because the Signature player (Hiroyuki a.k.a Mickey), Plays fast, that’s why it is light (61.20)

That was a very decent review!

Short and sweet.

Great review, but let me give you some suggestions to improve the review.

  1. You could really elaborate more on the shape, size and weight(feel) of the yoyo and how it affects your play.

How is the vibe cute? It sort of hinders play a little.
3) You could also do away with the score system, seeing that not everyone in the forum has the same criteria for it, so the score is not really a accurate guage of hoe the yoyo plays.
That’s all for now! ;D I hope to see better and more detailed reviews from you!