YoYoJam Speeder 2 Review

YoYoJam Speeder 2, Hiroyuki Suzuki Signature Series.

I picked this up as an impulse buy for a little over £30 at a shop called Oddballs in London - probably the only brick and mortar yoyo shop in the UK, (except for its sister shop in Brighton).

The Speeder 2 is part of Hiroyuki Suzuki, multiple 1A world champion’s signature series. The YoYo comes in YoYoJam’s traditional semi-transparent box. Hiroyuki left YoYoJam earlier this year and I think that all of his signature YoYos manufactured since February no longer have his name on them (citation needed!)

Price: $57.80
Shape: Wing
Weight: 65.5g
Gap Width: 4mm (speed bearing) 2.44mm (narrow bearing)
Diameter: 54.9mm
Width: 37.84mm
Response System: YoYoJam Silicon Pads
Bearing: C. Comes with a YoYoJam Speed Bearing and a narrow responsive bearing.

Like most of YoYoJam’s more recent 1A YoYos, the Speeder 2 comes with 2 bearings

What’s in the Box?
YoYoJam Speeder 2
YoYoJam Speed Bearing - Size C (.250 x .500 x .187) - Unresponsive
YoYoJam Narrow Bearing - Responsive

The Speeder 2 has shiny, very sleek looking caps.

In my opinion this YoYo looks incredible, I’m completely sold on the shiny caps and I think they make the YoYo look very sleek and cool - I’m refusing to take them off! Of course, reviewing a YoYo’s appearance is very subjective and your opinion may differ from mine so I’ll just outline the basics of how it looks:

My model is the translucent hot pink one. It has a plastic pink body with glitter on it and two thin bronze weight rings encircling the caps. The caps themselves are reflective and slightly metallic looking. The name ‘Speeder 2’ in written on gold letters to the right side of the cap and the words ‘YoYoJam, Hiroyuki Suzuki, made in USA’ are arched around the left side.

In Your Hand
The Speeder 2 is quite comfortable to hold, although catching is a little rough due to the change from plastic to metal being right in the catch zone. The YoYo feels surprisingly light, (although that may just be me ???), and fits nicely between your ring and index fingers.

Time to Throw
As the name ‘Speeder’ implies, this thing is fast. The Speeder 2 can move quickly without any loss of balance or control, it is easy to manipulate in tight formations. It’s very lively, although maybe not as fast, when it comes to hop and bounce type tricks. It creates some decent suicide loops but nothing special, and plays similarly for slack and whip tricks - decent but nothing special.

The Speeder 2 is a smooth, fast YoYo. It performs most string tricks very well but if you’re looking for something that excels in slack and suicide tricks this may not be the YoYo for you. For $57.80, however, this is a great YoYo. It’s very satisfying to play with and works great for both demanding performances and learning to play.

Thanks for reading my first review, I’d appreciate some feedback. :slight_smile:
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I should be getting my review for the X-Con Pro up in the next couple of days, but I’d love some feedback for this before I start…

Pretty good review ;D

What you could is how it plays with horizontal tricks, because a lot of players nowadays play sideways.
You can also talk about the response, if it gives nice tight binds or slippy binds

Nice review. Does it have vibe? The original speeder had quite a bit of vibe.

I love my S2 dearly. The thing is a friggin ninja! It’s incredibly stable and insanely fast. I love practicing on it because I know it can handle anything.