speeder yoyo

is the speeder good cause i want it for christmas ???

You only need to make one thread…

Yes, it is good.

whats a thread

The thing you just made.

Speeder is a really cool yoyo, if you want it then go get it! ;D

It is a good yoyo. It is not as stable as the Dark Magic but it’s profile is made for fast play and long good rim weight.

I have one and I have to say that it is a great yoyo. The Speeder gives good/fair binds and is a really fun yoyo that can take you to as far as you want. If you want really tight, smooth binds, I would slightly tighten the gap or get a yyj silicone pad (I think it fits it)  or silicone recess it. Also, the speeder has been prone to vibe but the vibe isn’t so bad that it would affect play (unless you hit the yoyo on hard objects)

Here are two reviews.

I hope this helps!


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i had one and it made it all the way to the wrist mount for me. it is a good yoyo yet it is slightly responsive. i could never fix that. and yes it is a very fast yoyo. if it was less responsive, it would be a perfect yoyo imo

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I say silicone and shims!

Really? That’s odd. Mine is really unresponsive.