Yo yo Jam "Speeder" Review

I personally think the speeder is a great yo yo. The weight is pretty light, it’s sleep time is long in most hands, and it’s a fast yo yo. The person who made the Speeder, (Mickey) created this yo yo so he could do quick tricks. :wink: But, it’s not made to do thumb grinds very good. And the Speeder has a minor slip to it, even when the gap is the tightest it can be. The quickness of the Speeder lets grind tricks be You could do all kinds of tricks with a good throw on this yo yo. I’ll also share something about me. The speeder is one of my favorite yo yos! ;D The gap is very adjustable to your liking too. Well I should wrap this up. [glow=red,2,300]The Speeder may or may not be the right yo yo for you. I would recommend this yo yo for someone who likes to play fast and for people who like the angular shape to it. You could also watch mickey’s video on it.

He didn’t created it, YoYoJam did.

Thanks for that. He designed it is what I meant.

This is a pretty good reveiw! Maybe talk a little more about the looks, smoothness, etc?

why was mine so responsive??? AHHHHHHH i still loved it

Mine is great and dead unresponsive but if I take the caps off to do thumb grinds its too light.

idk about you guys mine sucked

Speeder was my first yoyo and i still love it. :slight_smile: