Speeder review

Hi everyone! This is my first review, so please bear with me.

The speeder is made by Hiroyuki Suzuki(Mickey) and it has been used to win the world yoyo contest three times.
This yoyo weighs about 65 grams, has a diameter of 2.17 inches, a width of 1.48 inches and uses hybrid response.
Pros: When I threw this yoyo, I felt that is relatively smooth and it has a long spin time of about 1 minute plus(for me), and I really liked the sharp shape of this yoyo. This yoyo is also unresponsive enough for my liking.
Cons: This yoyo has a slight wobble to it(maybe it’s my throw) during sleepers sometimes, so it makes it harder to thumb grind as it is easier for the yoyo to fall off my fingers
This yoyo has a longer sleep time than my kickside and is also slightly smoother than my kickside.
Overall, I feel that this is a good yoyo to get if you are progressing to advanced tricks.

haha you got a speeder! Grats! Good for a first review! ;D

You can never go wrong with Micky ;). Anyways nice review, was gonna get one but I got a m1.

i tried domin’s speeder, its seriously viby lol! It didn’t pass the finger test, and it vibed with my throw! i throw straight. After he dinged a small scratch on it, the vibe reduced, but its still vibey like an angry mob! Dont recommend the speeder to those who don’t like vibe. Meteor and speedmaker have no vibe probs though.

That’s weird…you would think the speeder would have less vibe than the speedmaker…

Probably a production flaw.

lol I’m willing to bet a hundred dollars that mickey likes the speedmaker more than the speeder ;D

well mage1342 likes his speed maker more than the speedr,maybe mickey does

I think all YYJ metal-rimed yoyos have small vibe. My Dark Magic has it, all the Hitmans i’ve tried had it, all X-Convict i’ve tried also had it and the only one Speeder i’ve tried had it… Maybe it’s my fault, but i’ve thrown so many plastics - no vibe. But it’s not a big deal, i love all metal-rimed YYJs. :stuck_out_tongue:

The SpeedMaker is awesome. Mine has a small wobble now.

Addment: 5a is fun…