YoYoJam Speeder and Speed Maker review!

YoyoJam Speeder and Speed Maker Review



Information about the Speeder from Yoyoexpert.com (Yoyojam.com has a problem at the time):

“The Speeder can be considered by many to be one of the best yo-yos ever made. With a wide plastic body and concentrated bronze rims it puts weight to its maximum edge allowing for long spin time and smooth play.

This yo-yo has been used to win the World Yo-Yo Contest three times by World Champion Hiroyuki Suzuki (also known as Mickey).
If speed and long spin times are what you desire look no further than the Speeder. In the right hands it is truly a blur and a marvel.”

Addition from me: The Speeder is the first yoyo made for Hiroyuki Suzuki.

Specs from YoYoNation (They give more precise data, don’t beat me for using their site!)

Manufacturer YoYoJam
Shape Butterfly / Wing
Weight (g) 65.60
Width (mm) 37.71
Diameter (mm) 55.85
Gap Width (mm) 4.30
Bearing Size (Inside x Outside x Width) .250 x .500 x .187 in
Gap Type Adjustable Stock
Response System YYJ Hybrid

First Throw

Holy cow! This yoyo is great to play with! I did a trapeze, double or nothing all the Intermediate Tricks (I just started back then) with ease. However, the yoyo has a slight vibe to it (YYJ Vibe)


I noticed that this yoyo has a “hollow” feel to it. When you throw the yoyo, it doesn’t roll of the string but just slides off of it causing a jerk when the string ends. This takes some getting used to and you might pop your finger but that’s ok. :smiley: This yoyo still plays like a charm and the vibe hasn’t worsened. Binds are nice and tight but sometimes snags. You need to get used to knowing what binds snag and what binds don’t snag. The V shape on the yoyo makes landing on the string easy. Also, lacerations are fun because the weight and shape make it ideal and you can see where the yoyo is with the reflective caps. The yoyo spins for a nice long time; enough for any tricks. Grinds are pretty easy on this especially arm grinds and finger grinds. The yoyo plays really quick as you expect but when it cuts through the air, it’s like teleporting instead of gliding so you have to have good control with the yoyo and can do tricks precisely with only a general view of the path the yoyo is going (You can’t exactly see where the yoyo is exactly going and so you have to almost guess). I give it a 9 because of the hollow feel.


Caps: The caps on this thing are pretty cool, but I really don’t see the link between the name and the caps. The reflective caps certainly add to the “flashiness” when doing tricks and the glimmer catches your eyes. On a scale of 0 to 10, I give it a 10.

Yoyo: Right before the rim, there is a line of where the plastic was molded; it could have been placed in a better location or could be sanded down. I give it an 8.

Speed Maker


Information about the Speeder from Yoyoexpert.com (Yoyojam.com has a problem at the time):

The Speed Maker was the second yo-yo designed by Three Time World Champion Hiroyuki Suzuki from Japan. Modeled after his popular Speeder yo-yo it has a sharp shape that cuts out from the center making it easy to land on the string.
Made from durable and chemical resistant Celcon plastic the Speed Maker has concentrated weight in the right places making it play arguably faster than any other all plastic yo-yo on the market. Coupled with an adjustable gap this is agreat yo-yo for the intermediate to advanced player.
Mickey has used this to compete and win at major Japanese contests - the speed at which he plays with this yo-yo truly creates a blur!
Here at YoYoExpert we recommend the Speed Maker for the slightly intermediate to advanced player. Because of the wider gap it can play slightly less responsive so it is a great choice for string tricks and learning to bind.

Addition from me: Um… that sums it up. However, the Speed Maker has a slightly different shape and is more rounded.

Specs from YoYoNation (They give more precise data, don’t beat me for using their site!)

Manufacturer YoYoJam
Shape Butterfly / Wing
Weight (g) 61.20
Width (mm) 36.13
Diameter (mm) 55.08
Gap Width (mm) 3.48
Bearing Size (Inside x Outside x Width) .250 x .500 x .187 in
Gap Type Adjustable
Stock Response System YYJ Hybrid

First Throw
Wow. This yoyo feels like Angel Wings! It glides and is so smooth! Tricks are easy on this yoyo too!

This yoyo feels very “full” compared to the Speeder. It rolls of the string and gives a soft “landing” when it reaches the end of the string. The binds on this yoyo is actually tighter than the Speeder. :open_mouth: However, it also snags a tiny bit more. I think it’s the Hybrid response system and like the Speeder, you have to know which binds work and which binds don’t work. The yoyo also tends to plane and tilt a lot. I think this is due to its even weight distribution and I swear that my throw is straight and the string is not touching the sides too much. This one compared to the Speeder, has little to no vibe. Yay!!! Also, when you accidentally hit the yoyo, it does not start to vibe and will keep spinning normally unlike the Speeder. The Speed Maker glides through the air and although it is not as fast as the Speeder, it makes up for it by its simple precision, nice soft landings and smoothness. This is my throw that I bring to school not because it’s a beater but because it’s such a smooth yoyo. I give it a 9.5.


Caps: Like the Speeder, these caps don’t seem to have any meaning to the name of it. Also, the caps are much smaller than the Speeder’s and the Chinese Seal design (yes it is Chinese) doesn’t look as clean and clear as the Speeder’s design and actually reflects and catches the eye less. I think the seal is Mickey’s Chinese name though he is Japanese. I think the seal design is loosely based off of his apparent fondness for China. (If you have seen Mickey House, one of them includes one of Mickey’s friends who is I believe from Hong Kong.) I give it a 7.5 because it looks a little too clumped together. It’s a great idea but I don’t think it was the best way to incorporate it.
Yoyo: As I said, this yoyo is slightly rounder than the Speeder and is slightly smaller. I really like this yoyo’s shape because it does not sacrifice any good aspects of the Speeder. It’s almost a more comfortable Speeder that’s all plastic. I give this a 10.

Conclusion and Comparison

The Speeder has a more stable weight distribution but has a feeling that is hollower than the Speed Maker which feels like heaven on your hands. The only down side on the Speed Maker is that it planes and tilts too much for me in some tricks but it’s overall the more entertaining yoyo. If you want a more reliable and great performing yoyo. The Speeder is a great choice if you can sacrifice the full feeling and your eyes are quick enough to see where the yoyo is going.

Here are some pictures of the two yoyos together. Sorry my camera is pretty old.





There! You have just read through a review of two of the three Hiroyuki Suzuki Series yoyos!



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Excellent review! Good thing you said that speedmaker was better than Speeder. And what do you mean by “which binds don’t work”?

Btw, my friend’s speeder has Terrible vibe.

great review! i love my speedmaker, never thrown a speeder. I dont intend to though lol

What I mean abot which binds don’t work are like really big loop binds you have to shorten it and you have to not get the binds too small. Also, my Speeder has the most vibe I have ever seen. It looks like a R2 when it spins. lol.

I don’t intend to necro, but seeing as this is a review I think it’s okay…
You stated that:

I looked up the YYJ Triple Jam and found this:

Wouldn’t that mean that the Speeder is not the first yo-yo made for Hiroyuki Suzuki?

Great review by the way.

great review, yah, the speeder always have vive like any other yoyojam yoyos.

nice review, i like the idea of the two yoyos in one review that way you could compare them. Thats cool that they were both used by a proffesional also i did not know that

would this yoyo be good for 3a?