Speeder Review.

OK, this is my first review, so it might not be a good one. Give me a rating after you read it please. Here goes:

OK, the Speeder from YoYoJam is Japanese player Hiroyuki Suzuki’s signature series yoyo, used to win the 1A World Championship 3 times. The price is great, $40- kind of in the middle, you want a good solid yoyo, but you don’t want to pay too much for an all-metal. This, or the great YYJ Dark Magic, is right smack-dab in that price range and quality level. Very much worth the price.

Right out of the box…
When you first pull the Speeder out of the normal green YYJ box, it looks just as good as it has been described online. You throw it down, bind it back, it feels great. Comes out of the box… well… it’s kind of a HARD tug responsive, the jerk would have to be perfectly lined up to catch the string, making it wind up to your hand. I will describe the response next section.

The performance…
This yoyo plays GREAT. It has a narrow butterfly shape, which is easier to land on the string. Narrower than that of the Dark Magic, but wider than a Sigma Blade Zwei. So, the responsiveness- Like I said before, it is a hard tug responsive. As you throw with it more, it gets broken in, and less responsive. Then as you near clean-the-bearing time, it starts to become more responsive, more than it was right out of the box. But, then you clean the bearing, and lube it-thin lube makes it less responsive then it ever was, and thick will, well, I haven’t tried thick, but I imagine it will probably make it responsive like it was out of the box. Now, some people say this yoyo has a vibe, but it doesn’t with an even, balanced throw. A bad throw, and it will vibe. Anyway, the adjustable gap definitely must be used for some tricks. I have to widen it when I do a trick like Buddha’s Revenge, or it will catch and roll up on you if you keep it narrow. This yoyo does have long spin times, especially after you clean the bearing once. And on the Speeder page on this site, it says this yoyo is great for speedy tricks. Yes, that is true, but don’t think that you can’t go slow practicing with this one. I’m not a fast person, and this is a great yoyo for me. Some people will say that the bearing seat is more prone to cracking- I have banged it around a good bit, and I have seen no cracks on it. Even just this morning, I threw it down super hard, and the string wasn’t winded very tight, so there wasn’t a lot of tension, and it banged the hardwood floor so hard, I was sure it had a crack as soon as I heard the bang on the ground. It scared my dog. Hehe… but no cracks.

My opinions…
This is the best yoyo I’ve ever thrown with, and I have thrown a Dark Magic and a YYF Hectic. This outdoes them both. But this is just what I think. Don’t believe that this one is better than the FundaMETAL series just because I think so. But for me, this yoyo is heaven. I definitely recommend this yoyo to any “rising star” who is past plastics and who can bind or is in the process of learning to bind.

Well, there you have it. My first full review. Ratings please!! Like rate from 1-10 or just say what you thought of it. Thanks, hope I helped people!

Amazing first review!

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Nice. Well written. Little bit of constructive criticism - you got talking about other things a bit too much (I think) but just barely. Anyways, good job. I’ll give it an 8.5/10.

i think that was a great first review
i really dont have any negative criticsm, except make sure you keep all personal feelings out of a review, except maybe at the end.

Kind of true, but he said it was his opinion in a few parts if you think about it.

Very nice for a first review! But as everyone is saying, you talk about other stuff sometimes, but its no big deal.

Great for a first review! :smiley:

Great review, keep up the good work.

Nice review…makes me want to play with my speeder :slight_smile: