I'm looking at the speed-maker yoyo. :)

How do u rate it? I’m at the intermediate level tricks and i want a stable and long spinning yoyo. :slight_smile: Thx :wink:

Nice to meet you!
What yoyo do you currently have or do you have a speedmaker already?

Hi nice 2 meet u too :slight_smile: currently, i have a imperial yoyo

Personally I have a speedmaker and I feel that it plays smoother than a speeder.
It is fast and light but uses a hybrid response system.
I find that it is a good player and can take you through most of the tricks here.
If you are getting one and if you can bind then I would suggest changing the rubber O-ring with a silicon one instead.
I can’t find any problems with the speedmaker.
But ultimately it’s your choice.
Hope i could have helped a bit ;D


It doesn’t have that much rim-weight, so it will tilt if you don’t have clean hits. This will only force you to practice hitting clean.

i prefer my speedmaker over my m1
it is a great yoyo and i siliconed it and it spins about 8:00 average

thx everyone :slight_smile:

If you give it to a beginner, he’s probably not gonna be hitting more than 3 minutes. Remember, sleep times are relative to how strong/straight your throw is, and how good your bearing is.

Its an awesome yoyo, better than my Dark Magic for thumb grinds. Its viciously smooth. Highly recommend it. It will definnitely get you through the master level tricks with practice.

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the speed maker is the best yoyo i own(I own no metals…yet).the only con i can think of is that when i opened the box the bearing was shot.the box wasn’t dented at all.so i took the bearing off of my legacy and now i prefer it over all others.Oh yeah and i forgot it has a yyj vibe that does not effect the play at all.hope this helps. yo-bear

We all certainly appreciate your input. However, while you did offer up good information, it’s a little late. This member has probably made his purchasing decision and moved on in life. We should too.

Please check the last post date and time before posting in a thread. :smiley:

Yeah, i bought it. it rox