would you recomend the yoyo jam speed maker

if any one can give me a detailed description of the yoyo jam speed maker,that would be nice.also,tell me if you recomend it or not.thx

Its an awesome yoyo!

do you know a good review video on it

The Speedmaker is grat. It is very light, and the rim-weight isn’t too good. The shape can take some time to get used to. I personally love the weight, but if you play this thing capless I can imagine that it will get below 60 grams, which is extremely light. It still plays awesome though, but the weight can be a turnoff for some people (not for me). If you are a beginner I think you should get a Kickside instead, because it has a more friendly shape and more rim-weight. I started out on a Speedmaker though, and it turned out decently.

cool.thx.keep the coments coming.by the way im an expert player right now.

I highly recommend the Speed Maker. But if you are an Expert player, you can get a bi-metal. Anyway, here is a review I did on the Speed Maker.

that was the best review ive ever read.if possible id like more pics of the inside.and if you can id like a video.anyway that was realy helpfull.mine should be hear in a day or two. :-X

If you really are an “expert” then you probably wouldn’t be asking what yoyo you should get. Just pointing that out.

No need for a poll, but yes the Speedmaker is a good yoyo.

when i say im an expert i meen im on the expert section of the andr’e boulay videos.iv’e only been yoing for 2 months i barely have any good yoyos and im only thirteen so i dont get alot of money to buy realy good yoyos.so sometimes i need a little help on what to get with the little money i have

me 2 :o