YoYoJam Speedmaker - Review

YoYoJam Speedmaker

Price: $10-$16

The yoyojam speedmaker is a very good yoyo for its price. I had my speedmaker for about 2 weeks now and it works great. Sleep Times for me are around 20-40 Seconds. Caps are removable if you are asking that. The shape of the yoyo is a very nice unique shape. The weight is a good weight for a yoyo.

Shape: 3/5
Take Apart Design: 5/5
Sleep Times: 3/5
Overall: 4.5/5

If you have any questions about the speedmaker feel free to PM me.

how is the weight? do it have vibe?

yes it has a pretty good amount of vibe.

that’s a preference, some people may rate that 1/5, some may rate that 5/5.
and the weight is also a preference. :wink:

Vibe- it depends there are many things that can cause a yoyo to vibe or wobble

that is true


Vibe = Vibration

Yes it does.

As for the review, try to be more in-depth. Unless you’re writing a really quick review, add in more details like how the yo-yo looks, comparisons to other yo-yo’s, recommendations, etc.