speed maker

Ok, this is my first review.
I have the yyj speed maker and find it very well made. On yye, it is considered a intermediate yoyo, but I look at it as advanced. The surface is good for grinds but thumb grinds arw impossible due to the fact that there is no lip or anything. The shape of the yoyo is very angular and straight. Looks like a very sharp butterfly. The feel to it is nice and solid, no floaty feeling. The response is a hybrid. One side has a rubber o ring, the other side has a starburst. A nice feature is that it has an adjustable response system. Not as fancy as a fast 201 though. At the most responsive setting, a hard tug will bring it up. It can be very unresponsive too. It plays intermediate tricks but can play more advanced/expert. It can even do 3 or 4 gyroscopic flops! Comes in a regulay yyj box and comes with caps. I play without the caps. And also at 15 dollars, you can’t really get any better with this yoyo.

Pretty good review for your first. Picture and specs could improve it. Just a thought for next time. Keep up the good work and keep throwing.