YYJ Speed Maker Review

So I saw this yoyo while I was browsing for a new throw, my money was tight so I decided to try an all plastic throw since i’ve never owned one before (other then really cheap yomegas and stuff like that). So I got a Speed Maker. I was hesitant about the hybrid response because i’ve only used flush silicone, I pretty much skipped right to binding after I hit the intermediate sections.

The First Throw:
I just slept it and then gave it a yank, it shot right back to my hand. A little dissappointing but I wasn’t really surprised. I opened the gap a bit and threw it again. It was still extremely responsive! so i opened it up, the o-ring was kinda popped out so i pushed it back in and then I spun the bearing. holy cow this bearing was lubed soooooo much so i put in a clean center trac in and threw it. THERE WE GO perfectly unresponsive!

It looks like a yoyo I DON’T KNOW! personally I like plain as you can get so my opinion about how it looks is kinda irrelevant.

This thing is freaking light! it takes a decently hard throw to keep it going through combos, plus the starburst tends to slow it down too, but it plays really smooth otherwise and sleeps a good length to do most tricks. plus my throw isn’t the best. It isn’t the most stable yoyo also because of its weight so it does spin out easily, but it does live up to its name as the Speed Maker it is fast. It also Grinds really really well surprisingly. Another cool thing about this, well at least with mine, with a centertrack bearing it plays perfectly unresponsive with a wide gap and has really good response with the gap all the way closed, while with a flat bearing it was a little of both no matter the gap width. I didn’t want to time the sleep because I have a pretty weak throw as it is, although i can throw it straight even with my Dv888 I can barely sleep past a minute.


Diameter: 2.12"
Width: 1.43"
Response System: Hybrid
Weight: 61 grams
Bearing Size: Size C

Final Thoughts:

If you’re a beginner I think this yoyo would be alright for you, especially if you get some thick lube this plays awesome responsively, it gives good sleep times and when you’re ready to move on to more advanced tricks you can clean out the bearing and make it good to learn to bind. for more Advanced players I would say if you have 15 bucks that’s burning a hole in your pocket go ahead and get one of these they’re pretty cool addition to any collection and if you get a KK or Centertrac it is a good throw, one that you can adjust on the fly to be responsive or unresponsive which I think is really neat :).

I’m not exactly sure how to put up pictures I’m a noob at all this forum stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

Rate this review please!!! Its my first one.