Is the speed maker good for intermediate and up or does it just plane suck

I like it. It’s really floaty and I believe it is smoother than the Speeder. It can take you to master and more.

Here is my review on the two. I hope it gives you a good idea on how the Speed Maker is. But it really goes down to preference.

Good review BTW.

The SpeedMaker is too responsive for me and it doesn’t sleep that long. But it cuts through the air really fast allowing you to do more tricks quickly. I you got one, I would buy a bottle of Thin Lube with it to make it unresponsive and add like an extra 10 seconds to the sleep time.

You have to break it in… Same w/ the maverick.

To clear this up to yoyo4show, the Speed Maker is not in the least bit responsive if you break it in (maybe a weeks worth of play). Also, the Speed Maker can sleep long. It’s just your throw. On a positive note x52 is right about getting thin lube but not for the right reason. Thin lube will indeed break down the thick lube inside the yoyo so you don’t need to break it in (as much) and it does NOT add sleep time. It will however increase the life of your bearing. Just don’t add too much. A little from a tip of a needle into a ball in the bearing will do.

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Thanks for clearing that up Mark; No one else could really explain it, including me.

The speedmaker was used by Mickey in the Japanese Nat’s a few years back and got him 2nd place in the finals and 1st in the prelims. Just a thought, just because it’s plastic doesn’t mean it can’t play like a beast, in the end it has more to do with the hands that are holding it than anything.