Speed Maker

Like my Legacy review, more than one review is better than anything.

The SM is one of Mickey’s signature. Not a good beginner’s yo-yo unlike the yyj site says. The hybrid thing makes it less responsive and has long spin times, good binds, and a cool design. The SM is as fast as it is claimed to be. Really smooth in the air and more accurate if you go faster for some reason. If you are a beginner then adjust the gap as you get more advanced. once the gap is as wide as you can get it without the halves coming apart then the spin is max and the binds are harder. Get this if you dare, a must have for Speeder Fans.

Play 8/10

Design 9/10

Price Pretty Good/10

Response 7/10

Smoothness 10/10

Accuracy 9/10

Recomenndation for any yo-yoer Get it if you dare/10

~Spin On!

I was about to get the Speed Maker. But I just got that Speeder and I am so Happy. I can’t wait until I get a Speed Maker though.