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i’m planning to buy a speedmaker
is it ok for beginners?
how long does is sleeps (for your estimation only, much better if it is specific no.)
i’m planning to buy a DM.

which is better to learn tricks? (i’m workin’ in split the atom)


Speedmaker is a very good yoyo. It is ok for beginners, as long as you’re ready to learn how to Bind.

It should come caked with thick lube, so that it’s fairly responsive. It should be able to come back with a tug when you learn how to Bind.

But the lube will break eventually, and it will turn unresponsive, so you have about 2 hours of learning how to throw hard and Bind.

When you break into the bearing and it is unresponsive, it can sleep for 1 minute 20 seconds for my throw. My throw is an average throw, expect Samad or Andre to be able to sleep it for 4-6 mins. But don’t expect it to sleep for more than 30 seconds if you’re a beginner. If you have a strong throw, it can easily get very good sleep times.

DM is an even better yoyo. But mine came unresponsive, and yours might too, so you will have to be ready to learn how to Bind once you get it.

But of course, DM is 25 dollars more than the SM, so you have to expect it to play better. SM has a wing shape, very streamlined, narrow and low air resistance. So, it can play fast. But DM is wider, butterfly shapped and is better for grinds, and easier to catch for learning tricks. For learning, I’d get a DM, because of its wider shape and gap size, so its easier to learn tricks.

So thats all i have to say. (A lot!) I’d get a DM for learning, and get a speeder/meteor next! Good luck :slight_smile:

Well, I think that the Dark Magic is better for learing tricks on. It was my first actual yoyo, it was a great start for me. The SpeedMaker is good also. But really if you want to know the absolute truth…neither one of them is better for learning nor bettter than the other. But since your a beginner I would recommend the Dark Magic, the SpeedMaker is good from what ive heard. Unfortunately I havent had the chance to play one so im going by what I know. I own and use the Dark Magic and find it to be a great yoyo whether your beginner or expert. As for the sleep times, i have no clue as for the Speed Maker, but my Dark Magic sleeps about a minute and 10 seconds with a good throw.

My vote goes for Dark Magic, but another option is if your gonna get a Dark Magic which is around 42 bucks, you could just get a Lyn Fury, SpeedMaker and Kickside instead for about the same amount of money! All of which are great yoyos! Costing 14.40 each.

14 X 3 = 42 :wink:

if your just starting to learn stuff id go with the SM it was my first yo and i loved it. yeah it is smaller and doesnt last anywhere near as long as the DM but its a good yo. i use an x-convict now but i sitll use the SM when i want to learn tricks. its a good yo to learn how to get tricks down fast and smooth looking. i cant really give a description of the DM but i’ve played with both the convict and hitman and i heard they are similar to the DM, and if it is its a really good yo but i would still go with the SM straight off to get tricks down

Have we stopped recommending the Velocity. Think a Velocity won’t do you bad. It is very adjustable so you can make it as responsive or unseponsive as you want. It really is one of your best picks. I, as well as others on this forum, will recommend the Velocity. It can really grow with you so you won’t need to buy a neew yoyo for each new skill level.

buy a Velocity and it will guide your way.
if you don’t want one of these then get a Kickside.

My first yoyo was a speed maker and I loved it. Its kinda small but easy to get use to and it sleeps for a fairly long time (2minutes+ est. for mine) It was a pretty good first start. My only problem with it was for a beginner it makes you learn to bind really early (which in the long run isnt bad)
All in all it was a great yoyo for me Good price, Great feel, Nice sleep time. Incredible for a $13 yoyo its got my vote :D. For learning tricks however I prefer bigger yoyos but its all a matter of opinion. For starting go for Speedmaker or Legacy(Same shape as DM same play style).

My Speed Maker was my first yoyo too. It will be responsive when you get it adn yes it is good for beginners. As we say the Speed Maker is a good choice for a beginner yoyo, there are some other very good beginner yoyos out there. You have the Kickside, Lyn Fury and of course the Velocity. When this is said, don’t get the Legacy unless you can bind. The yoyos mentioned above are adjustable and will come responsive. They will break in and turn unresponsive by the time you have learned binding. The Legacy will come unresponsive, so if you can’t bind it won’t do you any good.

In the end, I still recommend the Velocity. But if you want to buy a Dark Magic, I will not say that it’s a bad choice, in fact a very good one. But again: Velocity.