Questions About The YYJ Speed Maker

Hi Everyone,
I’ve been yo-yoing for a few months now. I’ve been using Yomega Fireball Saber and a Duncan Mosquito to get me into a few of the intermediate tricks. I am now considering getting a YYJ Speed Maker. Does anybody know of another yoyo that might suite me better that’s in a similar price range. I have not learned to bind yet, so I need a yoyo that can play responsive, but I would like to try unresponsive play in the future.
P.S dose anybody know the sleep time of a Speed Maker

i would say legacy but its unresponsive so buy some thick lube its the best yoyo for the price. sleeps forever, very stable probably the best yo for your price range. :slight_smile:

So would i not have to bind if i used thick lube

nope it makes it responsive.

I don’t reccomend the Legacy, it may not wind up tightly if you tug the yoyo.

I reccomend the KickSide or Lyn Fury. I reccomend the Kickside. It will start responsive, but as you learn binds it will break in.

The Speed Maker will work, but it may break in quicker, so you might not be ready to bind by when it is unresponsive.

The sleep time doewsn’t make a yoyo, it is your throw. If you want to pick a yoyo over spin time, you’re not going to get good results unless you have a good throw

Another thing to consider is the Velocity. You can adjust the response, so as you learn binds, you can make it unresponsive.

So the list:
Lyn Fury

I wouls try to flip a coin in a cool way to choose between three yoyos, or just get the one you think looks coolest. They will all work great.

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Here is an entire buying guide that will help with all of your yoyo needs:
Buying Guide:
First timer? Learning to throw? Can you already throw, and are just working on tricks? Are you advanced and ready for the next step? Or are you an expert, and just want to see the choices for you? Check this out!

First Thrower:
There are several good yoyos out there. First of all, you will want to learn how to get a good throw, and sleeper. This yoyo is right for you. It can give you god control of the yoyo, and will teach you how to throw:

I have a good throw - What next?
At this point, there are several good yoyos out there for you. Most people will recommend the YoYoJam Plastic yoyos, and that is a great start for you! Here they are:

The YoYoJam Kickside:

The YoYoJam Lyn Fury:

The YoYoJam Journey:

And possibly the best choice, and one of the best beginner yoyos of all time, and one heck of an advanced player as well, The YoYoFacory Velocity:

I am more advanced, and I feel I need something more:

In this case, there are several yoyos for you. If you want an upgrade, YoYoJam Bi-Metals are for you! Check out some of the great yoyos here:

First, the very popular YoYoJam Dark Magic:
Next, the YoYoJam Hitman:

Up after that, a good precedent to the Speedmaker, the YoYoJam Speeder!:

A great yoyo designed by Johnnie Delvalle, the YoYoJam X-Convict:
Like small yoyos? Try the YoYoJam Mini-Motu:

However, there is also a variety of high-quality plastic yoyos NOTE these plastic yoyos will require a bind return to get it back to your hand, as do the Bi-Metal YoYoJams after time.

The YoYoFactory Plastic Grind Machine:

The YoYoJam Legacy:

These yoyos are really all you need. You may want a metal, and that is okay, but these yoyos can preform the same tricks.

Remember, a metal yoyo won’t make you a better player. Still, if you want to buy them, look below:

Well, I want to look into buying metals. What now?

Well, there are several good all-metal YoYo Manufacturers out there. First, lets knock down the ones here at YoYoExpert. Remember, most metal yoyos will be more expensive than the other ones, simply because of their amazing quality.

YoYoFactory is a wonderful company that makes many high quality yoyos fit to the players preference.

This yoyo has been considered one of the best yoyos in the market today. The YoYoFactory 888 is still a leading yoyo in competitions as well:

One of YoYoFactory’s earliest metals, the G5 is a high preforming large yoyo:

Love the 888? Wish it came in full size? Well the DNA is aimed to please:

A incredible fill-sized yoyo that was used to win the 2008 WYYC, and took YoYoFactory a year to perfect, the SuperStar is ready to preform:

Made for speed, the Skyline will blow you away!

Swiss YoYo Goodness!!!
H-Spin yoyos are also amazing yoyos, and are made in Switzerland.

The CUT:

The Pyro Light:

The Good&Evil:

And we can’t forget YoYoJam!

The Axiom:

The Meteor:

Darn…I wanted a metal that didn’t destroy my wallet. Oh, where could I find such a thing?
Don’t worry - We got ya’ covered 8)

YoYoFactory Made a new line of metal yoyos called the FundaMETAL line, a series of high preforming metal yoyos that did not break your bank.

Witness the first yoyo for this line, the Dv888!

The Hectic (Available in both small, and large bearings):

And now the affordable version of the Catch 22, the Frantic:

There is also the One-Drop M1 as well.
Anyway, listing links and pictures to all the metal yoyo manufactures would be very tedious, so here is a list of the first that spring to mind:

Caribou Lodge YoYo Works (CLYW)
IloveYoYo (ILYY)
Strings, Lube, and Bearings

Don’t forget - You will always need string. Usually, there are many different varieties of string. You will first notice about the string is the material. In most occasions, cotton will be a horrible choice for you because it breaks easily and doesn’t last as long. We recommend you use either 100% Polyester Strings, or 50% Cotton and 50% Polyester string. They last longer, and are better for doing the new style of complex string tricks shown here at YoYoExpert. If you want to buy string, check here:
Lube is not as needed, but is a good edition to have. If you want professional YoYo Lube, try some YoYoJam lube. If you want less response on your yoyo, use Thin Lube, however if you want more response, use Thick Lube.

Thin Lube:
Thick Lube:

Here is a video to show you how to apply luberication to your yoyo bearing:


For your YoYoJam YoYos:

SPEC bearings:

KonKave Bearings:

You are all set to make your first purchase!

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I personally have the velocity good yoyo buy some K-pad with it. With the K-pad you can bind or tug and it will come back to your hand.

You cant put pads in a velocity without modding

You can just try to stick the pad in on the starbursts