Yoyos in Mind

I’m trying to get some opinions on which yoyo to get. So far I have narrowed down my choices to Speed Maker, Legacy, Speeder or Dark Magic. Does anyone know which one has the best spin time and unresponsive play? I really like to do string tricks and my current yoyo (the Sonic Dragon by Audley) has a really light body and the gap is really tight making it really hard to do string tricks. I would like some comments on these yoyos such as personal experience. Im trying to find a yoyo that balances cost and playablity.


i like my dark magic i think you should buy that it has good spin and is great for string tricks

Ok. Il wait for more comments to decide but il keep that in mind. :stuck_out_tongue:

I like my x-con the double o ring is nice, also it is eazy to silcone it. The x-con has wide rims that are nice for grinding. Spin time depends on your throw and if your bearing is broken in or not. I Just got my yo a few weeks ago and put a kk bearing on it, it is just starting to be broke in now.

I have a legacy and DM. my legacy has better spin times but you have to “Bind” to return it to your hand.


Wait?! Legacy Has better spin times? By how much?

well, by me? best with dm? 4m Legacy 4m 30seconds

Me, with stock bearings in both:

DM: 5:15
Legacy: 4:36

As you can see, it really just depends on the yo-yoer. In my opinion, you shouldn’t choose a yo-yo based on its spin time, anyways, because most decent yo-yos have the potential to sleep long enough for you.

Well, the SD was never set up for string tricks, so if 1A is what you’re after, you’re right to find something different.

Out of the yos you’ve listed, my advice would be to go with the Dark Magic. Similar in size (but not weight) to your SD, not too “snappy” in binds (due to hybrid response), sleeps like a champ, and has juuuuust enough gap width for you to do just about anything you want. Of course, you’re welcome to shim it out if you’d like. Also, metal rims. Takes floor hits and hides them fairly well. :wink:

Yeah. I was looking at the Speeder because I like speed and its a little wider for string tricks and unresponsivness. Do you know what the difference in sleeping time the Dark Magic and Speeder are?

Depends on the user, the bearing, the response, a whole bunch of stuff.

All things being equal, they both sleep for a very long time in an experienced user’s hands.

I feel the need to mention that sleep times tend to be a bit overrated. If you’re discussing two or more yos, all capable of minutes of sleep, it shouldn’t be a deciding factor for you. If yoyo X is capable of sleeping for two minutes on average, and yoyo Y is sitting down for 2 1/2 to three minutes on average, why would you care to use this as a comparison tool? Do you really need more than two minutes of sleep time?

Lucky. With my Kon Kaved bearing 36 seconds. Don’t have a legacy but my M1 with 10ball 4:36, and my 888 i never tried yet. My DM right now is bad for spin time,

Out of the yoyos you listed, I have only used the Dark Magic and Speed Maker. All of those yoyos will sleep a sufficient amount of time and all of them are good choices. The Speed Maker is definitely made more for intermediate play while the Speeder, Dark Magic, and Legacy are more for advanced play. However, you can mod nearly all of them to fit your preference. Speed Maker is going to be the cheapest, followed by the other three. I would personally suggest the Dark Magic. Just something about it that makes it such a formidable player, and it’s a fan favorite around here. I have heard nothing but good things about the Speeder and Legacy though and I am sure both of those would be excellent choices as well.

I like a lot of sleep time and Yeah. Im probably going for Speeder because of the wider gap and speed. But still, the DM is sweet.

Also, I like to do unresponsive play so Dark Magic is better for that. But Speed… Hmm

I think you will be able too make the speeder unresponsive without any problem. I can make my speed maker unrespnsive. And since the speeder is just a wider and metal-rimmed speed maker, unresponsive play should be no challenge at all. The speeders spin time is not that shorter than the DM’s and the speeder is also built for the speed that you want. The speeder also has a wider gap and it’s lighter than the DM so this is all up to you. But from what i can read out of your preferences, the speeder is the best choice. Not that the DM is a bad choice, I just think the speeder may be better fitted to you.

I bet you will have a lot of fun with both of those and i hope i could offer any help.

Pheenix, the way it’s supposed to be spelled.

Thank you. I do believe I have made up my mind. I will probably buy the Dark Magic later on down the road. Then I will treasure both. :stuck_out_tongue:

how the hell do u get your dm to do that! iv just got mine! did u use lube or what? im new to yoyoin so i have no idea! mine stock out of the box is like a i min!

samad cleans his bearings but you dont have to, ive gotten mine to sleep for 5 21 stock with lube and my legacy ive gotten 4 33, and i dont clean my bearings