Speeder vs. Dark Magic HELP!!!

ok, so recently ive been thinkin about upgrading to a metal rimmed yoyo. Im torn between the dark magic and the speeder, i like the shape of the speeder because i love my speedmaker, but idk which one spins longer, which is easier to catch on the string, which is easier to bind and such, if anyone has both and could tell me a bit about how each plays, that would be wonderful!!! please reply!

I have a speeder and it sleeps for a long time. Depends on throw though. I have never played with a Dark Magic though. It is pretty easy to catch the string and if you have a Speed Maker, you should be fine. I think its a little bit steeper in the V and its a tad bigger. However, the Speeder slips on some binds. Overall, its a great yoyo. If you want anything else, tell me! (I own Speeder and Speed Maker.

It really depends on your style of play. DM is wider, bigger, and heavier. Spin is excellent, and it will do every trick in the book. The speeder is not as wide, so harder to land trick if your not already proficient at them, but it is lighter, so it move faster. So if you like fast play and are good already, I would say Speeder, but if your still kinda learning, and trying to get down your string play, I would suggest the DM. Both are absolutely fantastic yoyo’s, so you can’t go wrong either way. I prefer to learn tricks with my DM, and then practice speed and smoothness with my Speeder.

Hope that helps, Good Luck!!

Wow, thanks for the replies! Hmm…how good is the gap adjustment on them? i know the dark magic can vary alot from what ive seen andre do

Same as the Speeder really. One’s hybrid, and one’s double O-Ring if I remember without pulling them out. So you can change response with silicone, or shaving o-rings, etc…

Both are hybrid. :smiley:

Get the DM, you already have a Speedmaker. They almost feel the same but the SM is smaller and will hurt less.

The DM is a good beginner’s yo-yo, and for advanced. Some of the best people use the DM. The dm is perfect for grinds and the fact it’s heavy makes it really smooth.

Really? I mean I have a Speeder and Speed Maker but ym Speed Maker feels more solid when you throw it and get hit by it. (I have bruises from my Speed Maker but not the Speeder)

Well, you know what I mean. The possible injuries are less painful with the SM.

My friend get the DM.

~Spin On!

Really? My Speed Maker hurts more. Theoretically, it makes some sense. Plastic is pretty solid stuff compared to metal and it hurts!!! My injuries with the Speed Maker make the Speeder seem harmless.

the only reason im probly not gonna get a dm is because i cannot find a place that has them in stock! whereas yoyoexpert has speeders…

You could wait for YoYoExpert to get more stock.

Check again, they have pre order stock. Not sure if that mean they ship right away, or that they are getting them in real soon.

Get a Dark Magic, I threw both, but the speeder has less for you to throw, feeling like you are throwing nothing, or a loose bind, instead of a tight one.

I agree 100%
IMO speeders are very weird feeling in my hands
now thats just my hands yours could be different
the DM’s are so solid feeling
I dont own either but I have thrown both
I a, really tempted to get a DM and my friend might sell his speeder for $20 but I will probably not get it because I highly dislike them

I own the Speeder and Speed Maker. I have to say, there is something about the Speeder that makes it feel like there is something missing there. Once you get used to it, it is plays very well. But then again, I haven’t thrown a Dark Magic.

I have a meteor and it is awesome, it fits right in the hand. But speeder is way thinner, and i might try out one tomorrow. I just don’t think speeder is right for grinds, because of it’s v-shape (My meteor is not good for grinds, but i can grind better on a lyn). But its shape makes it able to slice through the air, so it is quite fast lol. It has hardly any air resistance, so its good for fast play. If you like slower style, more whips, slacks, pops etc. get a dm. Its bigger. If you like fast, simple play, then get a speeder.

We don’t play fast enough for air to have an effect. ;D

Well-- How much do you like your SpeedMaker? if it feels great in your hands then I’d go with speeder… doesnt help much but just my 0.02$


i love my speedmaker lol, if i were to get a dm i want a red one, and no one seems to have them…