Need Advice on a New Yo-yo

I’m planning on getting a new yo-yo for my birthday? Anyone got advice?

I’m a guy that enjoys long string tricks and likes to play it smooth.

Also would like to play it smooth and fast.

Has to be decent price.

Help Me out!

X-Convict, or Speeder.

People will tell you get a Dark Magic. DOn’t!

It will not be the yoyo for you :slight_smile:

The speeders okay, but the DM rocks… I’m sorry Samad. Maybe you are more talented at finding others yoyos! Right now I’m still in love with my dark magic. Every one needs AT LEAST one DM before getting other yoyos!(Havent tried x-convict long enough to get a good feel). Speeders a good yoyo though. If your gonna go with Samad, get a speeder! AFTER a DM!

Don’t listen to him get a speeder. From what you said you should get the speeder I don’t have one my self but the speeder is a fast, smooth, long sleeper so if that’s what you want get it.

Dark Magic or a Legacy. Maybe a Hitman or X-convict.


Trust me, you will not like the Dark Magic, or Legacy. They are great yoyos, but the Dark Magic suits everything opposite of what you want


Thx guys. I looked it over.

Is the Speeder made of plastic?

Also what’s the difference between the three yoyos by Mickey?

The DM looks cool but doesn’t look like the yo-yo for me.

Just for the record, what’s the S&H for the Speeder’s delivery?

Speeder has plastic center, and bronze (i think) rims. Their isnt so much bronze, because it is heavy, which gives it incredibly long spin times.

One yoyo is Hybrid materiels, one is Plastic, the other is Metal.

S$H usually depends on where you buy from. Usually, it will be from $5 to $8

What about the Speed Maker? It looks pretty fast.

that’s my main concern, if i do my tricks fast then i can do the long tricks

Speed-Maker is plastic, and a good yoyo.

And your inquiry is wrong. Just because you do tricks fast, doesnt mean you can do them. Speed actually lessens the spin in some occasions, and if you go fast, you may not be smooth, and if you aren’t really smooth, there is no point learning the trick. Look at Mickey, he still misses a lot of tricks.

Have Fun Throwing,


ABout buying yo-yos here, do use a credit card or can u pay cash?

Credit Card. Or you can mail a check. But I don’t think you can use cash, as it is not safe to send cash in the mail.

I need to go to sleep now :wink:

Have Fun Throwing!


Thanks guys!

I guess i’ll consider Mickey series