Dark Magic vs. X-ConVict vs. Speeder which is a better yo-yo?

I’ve been looking for a new yo-yo for a long time, and I narrowed it down to three yos. Any tips or help? ???

The dark Magic is da bomB! get the dark magic!!! >:(

the dm is not necesarily the best performing yoyo out of the 3 but it is the best yoyo for learning tricks
hope this helps

DM is best for learners and best overall. This is the yoyo I use and my favorite yoyo. The speeder is the fastest yoyo. I think it made me look faster, even more professional. The X-convict is a longer spinning yoyo. It can give you more spin time for longer tricks. Which is a better yoyo… It all depends on personal preference really.

I think you should go with the X-ConVict! It’s really a great yoyo and not too many people have it. It’s a bind return yoyo, so as soon as you throw it down, it sleeps. It’s good for Trapeze tricks or master tricks like Johnnie DelValle him self.

You guys got to understnad…PREFERENCE!!! ;D

What do you prefer in yoyos?