Hitman Vs X-Convict Vs Darkmagic

i am rather new to yoyoing and want a good yoyo i can use for a long time. i am a beginner and can somewhat bind and i want to know what would be good to get. ive read reviews on the X-Convict, Dark Magic, and Hitman and dont know which is better. i am confused :-\ ???

The dark magic is a pretty solid yoyo and as you can see Andre uses it in all his tut’s other than responsive play so yah you can get a long time of play with one.

thnx :), but i’d like to also know whats good about the hitman and the X-Convict (The reviews i read said they were good too)

X-convict - great for grinds, nice stalls & snap starts
Hitman - Excellent all around, comfy shape
Dark Magic - Excellent all around, beasty at T-grinds

All are similar in aspects of play, and will accomplish tricks.


some people have said before, the DM is a yoyo that is liked by a lot of people, where as the x-convict is more of a personal yoyo (meaning some like it, some don’t. But the people who do like the x-con usually like it more that the DM.) I think if your new to yoyoing, you probably don’t have very exotic preferences, so i don’t really think you want to look into the x-con until you figure out what your preferences are. It’s really between the DM and HM.

Hitman. is good for tricks like, stalls, complicated string tricks,(ladder escape, white Buddha, black hops)
it’s grinds are amazing! Thumb grinds need some work, it has a really long spin time, all and all, a great yoyo.

Dark Magic. Is good for tricks like, amazing thumb grinds!, complicated string tricks, not all that great for stalls, normal grinds are slightly above average, near perfect balence, all and all, a great yoyo.

hope it helps! :wink:


I would get a Yoyofactory yoyo, but if your going to buy from Yoyojam I would get a X-Convict.

I have the DM and hitman. They both play very smoothly. They both do all my tricks. They both grind fairly the same, except for thumb grinds, the DM wins there. The hitman is smaller and less wide. They both feel good in the hand. What makes me like the hitman more is its response. I greatly prefer the double oring response. Hybrid response gives great binds but it just is constantly rubbing and I don’t like it like the hitman. That does not mean that I don’t like the DM though. The hitman is also lighter and faster. I would go with the hitman. I have not tried the xcon so I will not comment on it.

thnx everyone :D! i am probably getting a Hitman because of what you all said of it and now realize how crazy it is not being able to just try a yoyo (there are no yoyo shops close to where i live) and having to research it on the net. 8)

The hitman is one of my favorite yoyos. It’s shape is very comfortable and it plays great! Also like the cap art a lot haha

i really like the hitman and x-con, but if I was going to buy a yyj plastic, I would probably go for a new breed. They are big but not bulky, and easy to land on the string (a good 3 mm wider than any of the others), grind like a beast (thumb grinds are tough because of the really small lip, however). It is probably my favorite plastic, and recently has been getting more playtime than my wasabi. I also like the silicone pad response system better than the o-ring. The one downside for a beginer is it doesnt have an adjustable gap, while the other 3 do