Should I get Dark Magic or X-ConVict?

Should I get Dark Magic or X-ConVict?[size=10pt][/size]

Don’t you all ready have a Dark Magic? It is your favorite yo-yo ???
What size of yo-yo are you wanting the DM is a larger yo-yo the X-con is a medium sized yo-yo. We need more info on what you want.

1.DM better thumb grinds
2.DM longer sleep time
3.DM not as good as the X-convict at normal grinds though
4.X-convict is good for the more flashy kinds of tricks, where as DM is good for the really complicated string tricks (ladder escape, white Buddha, and whut, black hops, superman,)
5.X-convict is the perfect yoyo for JD’s signature x stalls

hope it helps! :wink: :wink: :wink:

Well, I’d say go with the darkmagic. You listed it as your favorite yoyo. Plus the darkmagic is a more general yoyo wereas the X-con is a more personal yoyo (meaning not as many people will like it but it may be better for those who do)

Both are good. The like the x con better though…

I would say X-Convict. The hybrid response on the Dark Magic is really annoying for me cuz i think it makes it too responsive, and it doesn’t grind that well, except for thumb grinds. The X-Convict looks cooler too, especially the orange homeslice edition (if you can find that anywhere let me know!). Be careful with the adjustable gaps both those yoyos because if you over tighten it will mess up the adjustable gap and you are left with having to tighten the yoyo all the way resulting with a small gap!

Hybrid response is no fun. You can just silicone the X-ConVict.

I herd about this New Breed too. There might be other yoyos in near Atmosphere

Addment: I seem to get worse at this everyday

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Haha Jonas.

Why? According to who?

The answer to the question about which you should get is yes.

pick any that looks good to you

And by the way Yoyojordan, your sig is too big, resize it

Both yoyos play very well as do the other metal rimmed yoyo jams, watch some videos with the yoyos and see which one looks like it would fit your style the best.

My opinion, Dark Magic. Although I would recommend a New Bread or a Protostar over both of them.

Both good.
DM: Good thumb grinds and a little smaller for speed

X-Con: Good for arm grinds, longer sleep times

Thanks, but they can sleep equally long with a good throw.