what are the differences between the x convict and the dark magic

OOh there’s a lot of differences between those yoyos. Let’s start with the most obvious one; shape. The Dark Magic has a flat-rimmed shape while the X-ConVict has a somewhat flared shape. Then the size. The Dark Magic is what we call a full/normal-sized yoyo. The X-ConVict is a medium-ish sized yoyo. You will also find that the X-ConVict has some really wide metal rings compared to the Dark Magic. The Dark Magic does have wide metal rings, but compared to the X-ConVict, they are relatively small. There is also a 2.5 gram weight difference and a difference in response system.

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… and the name…

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Shineyness is the same

Colors can be the same.

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so, x-convict is smaller (no like), and has a more flared wing (what does that even do differently?), wait, which is heavier than witch? and is thier a difference in play. i know the dm is more focused on grinding, but whats the x convict got special?

lol. Actually, The x-con is for grinding too and possibly may be easier than the DM. The flared just allows better stability when grinding on arms, back etc. The Dark Magic is a little heavier which makes it (usually) glide through the air harder. (Negligible unless you have been playing for a long time and is acutely in tune with your senses.)

mhm…senses, i got my five, with terrible vision! what senses would you be talking about? and glide throught the air harder? whats that even mean?

xvict is smaller and has a concave shape/ v shape. (i like it a little better than the dm)

dm is bigger and dosnt have a v shape. it almost does but curves out slightly tword the edge.

ps. it is personal preference. :wink:

Look at these pictures and you will see the difference.

ok so dm has wider gap, but why does the xconvict weigh less, i mean, it has mor metal on it right? the v shape looks pracicly identical to me, just slightly rounded on the dm…

First off, I wouldn’t say that the X-ConVict has a V-shape. When I think of V-shape, I think of Speeders and something in that area. The X-ConVict has a really special shape though, so we can just call it the X-ConVict shape. And the DM does not have a rounded shape. In fact, if you look closely, you will see that the rims are flat.

And the weight of a yoyo can be pushed up in several ways. And I belive that André wanted his yoyo a bit heavy, so it ended on 70 grams. These are both siganture yoyos, so they are made to fit the maker.

Addment: The pictures look slightly scaled. Is this just me or?

Also, the DM has more metal under the thumb grind lip.

what i meant by rounded was rounded off. what difference does the vict shape give during play? it seems it woulden’t impact string catching that much, is their a signiture set of tricks that people play with it that are difficult on other yoyos?

Well the DM is designed for André’s grinds and thumb grinds, while the X-ConVict is designed for JD’s stalls.

what do you mean by stalls?

A stall is technically stopping the yoyo on intention and starting it again. They can be done on the string, but JD uses his body:

He does a lot of stalls there. You should notice them.