x-convict vs. dark magic

name kinda explains itself just post ur thoughts

i have the Dark Magic right now and i love it because it’s like an upgraded version of the legacy, which i had before it shattered, thanks andrea haha, but anyway, yeah i prefer the Dark Magic, because i have not tried the X-convict… so those are my thoughts. thanks for this post ;D

I have a dark magic and have played on the xconvict, I prefer the dark magic but the x-con was a little smoother when I played it, i like hybrid response on the dark magic though.

I’d go for the x-con because its not hybrid response…

(its a preference, okay?!)

Honestly with this thread you are going to get split feedback, best way is to try em yourself if at all possible and if its not you really cant go wrong with either

Why is this in tricks. I would put this in reviews or something.

this prolly should be in reviews but i have both and i love them both. i will say thow my DM gets more play cuz the binds are snappy and not grabby but with some shims and a KK the hitman is a wonder like i said i love them both

i happen to own both the DM and the X-con, however I much prefer my DM, it spins longer and faster even with the same kinds of bearings and lubes.
the x-con is a much smoother play and generally a more responsive play. The twin O-rings probably help with that.
the hybrid response of the DM and the adjustable gap, in my opinion make it the superior yoyo

both yoyos have an adjustable gap but there is a totally differant feel in how each plays… in the end it is the feel for the tricks you are looking for. in my DN i have to shave the orings put 2 1mm shims in and use my KK in order to get the feel i am lookingg for… i need 4 1mm shims and both rings shaved to get the feel i want with my hitman… note: the hitman and xcon are roughly the same but the xcon has more metal and as result more weight… both of these yoyos are amazing