Wich yo-yo is better, DM, HM or X-Convict?

Hello guys, I’m an intermediate yo-yo player and I’m thinking to buy a more expensive yo-yo to move on to more advanced tricks. Which one do you recommend, DM, HM or X-Convict? Also, I want to be able to do thumb grinds with it.

Get a Dark Magic, Hitman and X-convict are good but definately go with a Dark Magic. :slight_smile:


deffinently go with the DM, its nice and fits right to your hand because of its size. its bigger than the others and it is meant for grinding since its andre’s signature yoyo. HM is ok but not as good. another choice you should consider is the speeder. it has a better spin time, but its alot smaller than the DM. o and you can do grinds on it to. but if u want some hardcore grindage u should go with the GrindMachine 2. but its price.

The vict is really good also, its better for grinds then the DM imo because more metal is touching your body then the DM, I think that is what JD intended :slight_smile:

But for IRG, go with the DM, you can do it on the vict too, it just takes more practice.

However, I like the DM more

I’VE GOT AN X-CON AND LUV IT,grinds well nice ,shape!

All 3 are very good yo-yos at the same nearly the same price. you can’t really go wrong with either one of the 3.

DM is probobly the best designed, but the HM and Z-Convict have better caps in my opinion.

If your doing thumb grinds you have to take the caps off anyway so it’s up 2 you

Dark or a Hybrid Hitman

Get DM and X-CoVict. If you get them both, it will make you to level up on your yoyoing skills.

Happy Throwing ;D

OK ill tell you what all three are made for. The Darkmagic is made mainly for thumb grinds. It has two lips you can stick your thumb in on it. The inner lip is for more control but you will have a shorter grind, and the outer lip will have less control for the grind but will go much longer. The Hitman is made for regular grinds on the arms or hands. It has a special shaped edge to give it a little more slickness and great for snap starts. The X-con is a good yo that has a lot of area to make grinds easy but not last to long. All-in-all they all have great spin times and have there good and bad points but its really up to you. here are some links to each one.

André Boulay’s-Darkmagic- http://yoyoexpert.com/product/yoyojam/dark-magic/
Johnny DelValle’s-Hitman---- http://yoyoexpert.com/product/yoyojam/hitman/
Johnny DelValle’s-X-convict- http://yoyoexpert.com/product/yoyojam/x-convict/

P.S all three have a vid on there page watch and see what style you like best. For me I use André’s style. later and remember keep it spinning.

Actually, I personally think the X-Convict is better for grinding, it lasts longer them my DM.